Zenith is Tecna's home realm. It is the realm of technology, and has an intense use of it.


The people enjoy a high standard of living. They pride themselves on multitasking and doing it well. They also use the metric system. According to Stella, Zenith is a freezing place. It was stated by Tecna that it is because the climate helps the techno droids and the technology to function well. The Ocean Gate of Zenith is guarded by a selkie named Lithia.




King Cryos from Zenith

The King of Zenith first appears in episode 18, attending the meeting in Domino with his adviser, his name is Cryos. He reappears in episode 22, when he first informs that they would not join the alliance. But later in the episode, Tecna convinces him to join, and is successful in doing so. He also makes a cameo in episode 24, when they have already formed an alliance.

Flora and Fauna


The underwater plants present in the oceans of Zenith are dark green circles.


Not much of Zenith's fauna is shown but the Techsquirrels, like Tecna's Fairy Animal Flitter, are natives from the planet.


The inside of Data Bridge Castle
Data Bridge Castle

Data Bridge Castle

  • Data Bridge Castle - It is a castle in Zenith's Ocean, where the Gem of Empathy was located in. There is also a big throne there, which is an evidence that there could be a ruler under the ocean of Zenith like of the oceans of Andros. Zenith's Ocean Gate is located near this area.
  • Palace - It is where the throne room is located and where King Cryos stays. There are also giant robots and techno droids in there. It is a very high building that is guarded by Robot Guards. 
  • Mall - It is a mall where the Shop-a-tron is located. There is nothing to be seen there but the Shop-a-tron, a machine that can grant any request from all over the Magic Dimension.
  • Zenith City - It is the main city of Zenith where a variety of technology can be seen.
  • Technomagic Core of Zenith - It is the ancient magical core of Zenith which is run by the Techsquirrels.
  • Castle of Frankenstein's Monster - Zenith is connected to the mystical world of the Frankenstein Monster. It is a huge castle found in parallel with Zenith in the Legendarium World. 



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