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Zaltora School for Psychic Arts is a school introduced in season six


Zaltora is a magic school where the students learn psychic arts or mind magic. There is a crystal chamber in the school which holds the magic crystal. It is a mystical crystal that holds the power of the students. When hit, it causes mind control against the students.


It appears as a tower standing on three, high rocks. The tower is mainly pink with the crystal chamber on the top of it. There are also pointed crystals surrounding the school. 

School Uniform

Deltora Students

The students of Zaltora

The known students are wizards, who wear dark yellow hoods and blue crowns. They also wear blue-gray long sleeves with a white X-mark on the middle. They also wear blue gloves with white lines at the base. They wear blue-gray, metal belts and gray skirts. Their clothes also consist of a pair of blue-gray pants and boots.


Season 6

In "The Secret Greenhouse", the Trix continue their attempt at conquering the colleges of the Magic Dimension. They steal the power of the magic crystal, and use its power against the students, which, mind-controlled by the magic of the crystal, work for Trix.

In "Winx Forever", Selina destroys the Dragon Fossil in Cloud Tower, which returns the magic absorbed by the Trix from the Magic Crystal in Zaltora.


  • It appears as an equivalent to Oskuria College, the school for wizards in the comic series.

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