Yucca and Lenny
Yucca and Lenny are a couple featured on PopPixie..



Lenny and Yucca in love

Yucca and Lenny are the closest couple of the Elves, but they have sometimes a conflict in their relationship. They have both a different personality: Yucca is vain, frivolous and always shows off how "cool" she is. While Lenny is unpredictable, whacky and loves taking risks for the sake of excitement. The two Elves make their nights out the gang a night to always be remembered.


Lenny and Yucca

Lenny and Yucca being mean

Just like the other members of the gang, Yucca and Lenny were already a couple at the first episode of Pop Pixie. But in episode 19, they had a short break-up (the episode was named after it: Lenny & Yucca At War). At the beginning of the episode, Yucca was angry on Lenny because she thought that Lenny was no longer the Elf where she fell in love with. They both took the break-up on a different way: Yucca created a total chaos in the Molly Moo and in the clothing shop of Plisse, but the "extreme shopping" which did not help her forget Lenny. Meanwhile, Lenny was helped by Amore, Chatta and Otis to get Yucca back. At the end of the episode, it turn out that breaking-up Yucca and Lenny was a plan from Rex and Maxine. The plan was to tell her at the Tree of Life that Lenny has left Pixieville, when she heard that she began to cry and her tears would destroy the tree and the MagicPops. But Livy warned Amore and she stopped Rex and Maxine. When Lenny also arrived, he tried to get Yucca back in the classic Elves-way (by throwing mud in her face and shouting at her). Yucca became immediately back in love with him. The episode ends when Yucca kissed Lenny at the fountain.