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Yucca is the fiancée of Lenny and a character from PopPixie. Yucca's animal friend is Tito, a bat who loves the night life. Tito sleeps all day but is a "party" animal at night.


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Narcissa, Maxine and Yucca
Lenny and Yucca

Yucca and Lenny.

Yucca is known for being one of the most vain and frivolous of the girl elves. To her, anytime is the right/best time to show off just how "cool" she is. She and Lenny make their nights out with the gang they make every single party fun. A night with them at a party is really a night to remember.

Perhaps girly, or just the desire to spend and buy more things. Yucca happens to adore extreme shopping.


Yucca is fair skinned with brilliant green eyes. She wears pink eye-shadow and lipstick/gloss. Her hair is a very dark magenta-purple color with neatly brushed, even bangs. Her long hair is worn in curled along the edges pigtails worn with dark blue scrunchies. She has multiple loose pastel pink strands that stick out from her scrunchies that may or may not be loose pieces of hair, or just ornamental.

Normally, Yucca wears a Dark blue jacket-like Tee-shirt with off pink cloth at her neck and bottom of the shirt, which may be a tank top worn underneath. Along with a pink skirt with a patch of blue cloth hanging on the right side with a very thin double light blue belt piece, dark pink arm-warmers, dark blue fishnet socks and magenta boots with dark blue platforms and choker-like belt pieces around the middle. She also has fishnet gloves worn beneath the armbands/warmers.

Powers and Abilities

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  • The "Yucca" is a species of plant native of arid regions of North, Central and South America, and of the Caribbean. It is the state flower of the State of New Mexico in the United States of America. Its name is derived from the Carib name for the cassava plant, yuca, as the yucca was often confused with the cassava.
  • Sarah Camacho also voices Roxy and Caramel in Cinélume dub.

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