The Wyverns are large dragons that live on the island of Pyros.


Wyverns are giant reptilian creatures with big, stocky bodies, four legs, scaly skin and a pair of bat-like wings on their backs. Their heads have many horns and glowing red eyes and they have beak-like mouths full of sharp pointed teeth. The color of their skin tends to be in darker shades, such as dark green or dark blue, but with some brightly-colored stripes.


Wyverns can fly despite their very large size and can breath fire like most species of dragons.


The Wyverns are very aggressive and dangerous and an encounter with them can even prove to be fatal. However Maia seems to be able to interact with them safely and she might have the ability to exert some control, possibly magical, on them as she once used one of them to help Bloom in her training.


Season 3

Bloom encounters Wyverns when she goes to Pyros to become stronger so as to be able to fight Valtor. Buddy helps her face them and survive and later Maia uses a Wyvern when she trains Bloom.


  • The Wyvern is a legendary creature with a dragon's head, which may be said to breathe fire or possess a venomous bite, a reptilian body, two legs (sometimes none), and a barbed tail. It appears in heraldry, in modern fantasy literature and in medieval bestiaries.

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