Tinkerbell Is Back is the thirteenth episode and final episode of the second season of World of Winx.


The Winx join Matt and the repentant Queen in an epic World of Dreams showdown with Jim, then discover a familiar foe has a dangerous new identity.


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Major Events

  • A mysterious golden force from Tinkerbell's tears frees Matt from the mermaids and strengthens him, allowing him to reclaim the lost Barrie Sword.
  • Matt defeats Jim and Tinkerbell's pure form and magic are restored.
  • Jim emerges from the depths of the Mermaid's Lagoon and flees to the Tree of Life, only to be intercepted by the Winx.
  • Jim transmutes the Tree of Life, the heart of Neverland, into a pirate ship, and the Winx chase him down.
  • Matt and Tinkerbell join the fight against Jim.
  • Jim opens a portal into the World of Nightmares and plans to drive the Tree of Life into it to bring about his nightmare reign.
  • Smee retaliates against Jim for betraying him and the Winx.
  • Smee steers the ship away from the portal into the World of Nightmares, but Jim is knocked off the ship and plunges into the portal.
  • Neverland and the Tree of Life are restored and Tinkerbell is recognized as Queen again.
  • The Winx return to their concert in Central Park but are outed by Venomya, who turns the existence of the Winx's doubles into a worldwide scandal.
  • Venomya outs the Winx's true identities as fairies and reveals her true motives and identity as Baba Yaga.





Major Characters

Minor Characters

Spells Used



Theme Songs

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  • During the Winx's concert, Flora's clone is seen wearing her concert outfit from "Neverland" instead of the one that she is currently wearing.


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