The Witches are female magical creatures that appear in Winx Club and World of Winx. They are the magical opposite of fairies.


Witches are female magical beings that live throughout the Magic Dimension. Their source of power are the dark aspects of magic such as negative feelings and. However, some witches use their powers to fight evil. It is stated that witches prefer to work alone, lest they betray each other, but there are known groups of witches called covens. Witches have the option to switch to a fairy and vice versa, although this is a rare case.

There is also a notable rivalry between witches and fairies. Their opposed natures often cause tension between the two groups, including exclusion from certain events or physical confrontation when provoked. It has been stated that witches do not like fairies because they think fairies live easy lives. Despite this, witches and fairies have been seen working together in times of hardship or realm-wide emergencies, and can cooperate after some time together. There are also significant and long-lasting friendships made between witches and fairies, even with some friendly rivalry.

Even if some witches use their powers for evil purposes, most witches are not necessarily evil and may even use their power to fight evil on the side of goodness. Witches are said to be slaves to pride and work for selfish means, but they also seem to value responsible and moral use of their powers. Witches have the ability to show compassion and remorse.


Most witches are human in appearance and wear Gothic style clothing reflecting their dark source of power.


The ancestral witches

The Ancestral Witches.

The Ancestral Witches are the first witches known to have existed and have been called "the mothers of all witches" by Valtor and "the first creatures of evil" in "The Crown of Dreams". In ancient times, many witches came together to create Cloud Tower, which is not only a school for witches but also a magical creature which can be controlled by the one who is in charge of the school.


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~Cloud Tower Hypnotized~

Cloud Tower witches under Valtor's control.

Witches must attend school to become full-fledged witches and practice their craft and most witches attend Cloud Tower At school, witches are taught and trained to increase their powers and to use their powers responsibly as to help preserve the Magic Dimension and fight against evil using dark magic, albiet while learning things like curses and taking part in mischievous deeds along the way.

Witch Forms


The Trix's Gloomix.

Witches do not have specifically stated levels of power, but they receive energy sources, charms, and forms that can be attained through the intervention of a separate force. These powers give their user new energy and sometimes new outfits. Gloomix is the first form seen, which boosts a witch's powers. This is given to the Trix by Darkar. Disenchantix, given the to Trix by Valtor, is also a power boost. Dark Sirenix, given to the Trix by Tritannus, is a dark version of Sirenix. In Season 6, the Trix are seen with a change of clothes and increased powers. In Season 7, the Trix merge with their Fairy Animals and the power of Wild Magic, giving them new strength and looks.

Magical Abilities

Just like fairies, each witch have a specific power. The magic of every witch is fueled by their negative feelings such as fear, anger, and etc. that make them stronger. Witches are able to fly and unleash the forces of darkness. All witches know some basic, first level spells such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes. Witches can converge with fairies and wizards. It is not known whether witches possess various stages of magical power like fairies or whether they can only absorb or gain new power from someone.

Known Groups

Winx Club


World of Winx