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Winxology is a course taught at Alfea by the Winx Club, they teach it to new and upcoming fairies who have no experience in the world of magic compared to the Winx. 


The Winx were invited by Faragonda, to teach at Alfea as they had become Enchantix fairies and Alfea alumni and they have had a lot of experience in the world of magic compared to other students.


When they began they had shown examples of their powers and skills:

  • Bloom released her Dragon Flame into the air.
  • Flora blossomed a flower from a hairpin on a student's head, and later into the air.
  • Stella released her sun energy into the room.
  • Musa concentrated on playing music with her powers.
  • Aisha danced to show that magic is not always there when in danger.
  • Tecna puts everything together like the holograms and came up with the name, Winxology.


The Winx, to show students as they said "A day in the life of the Winx" as what their duties are as Guardian Fairies of the Magic Dimension.


  • Bloom went first and finished it quickly.
  • Aisha went second and went flying with a Morphix Surfboard.
  • Flora went last, and turned one of the obstacles into confetti, but was injured as a student had put an explosive prank into one of the obstacles.


  • The course appears to have been discontinued after the Winx go to Gardenia to find the last Earth fairy.
    • It could be possible that someone else was in charge of this course when the Winx left.