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Winxology is a course introduced in Season 4.


Winxology was taught by the Winx to new and upcoming fairies at Alfea


Season 4

Bloom's turn

Bloom's demonstration.

In "The Fairy Hunters," the Winx are invited by Faragonda to teach at Alfea as they had become Enchantix fairies and Alfea alumna and they have had a lot of experience in the world of magic compared to other students. During their introduction, in which Tecna comes up with the name "Winxology," the Winx demonstrate various abilities. Bloom releases her Dragon's Flame into the air, Flora manifests flower petals from Jade's hairpin, Stella releases sun energy, Musa plays music, Tecna creates a projection, and Aisha does aerobics to demonstrate a healthy lifestyle is important to face challenges.
Nature Dust 2

Flora in the obstacle course.

Clarice objects to Aisha's demonstration saying that she does not think training and lifestyle is all that exciting, but Bloom says there is soemeting set up in the courtyard for them. The Winx then take the class outside as Bloom, Aisha, and Flora partake in an obstacle course they call "A Day in a Winx Life” to demonstrate their abilities to their students, but their event is cut short when Clarice, who has voiced her grievances about the Winx's new fame, sets off a magic fireball, injuring Flora and dismantling the course.


  • The name of the course is derived from:
    • the word "Winx," the group of fairies teaching the course.
    • the suffix "-ology," meaning "a branch of learning; a study of a particular subject".