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Winx on Ice is a tour based on Winx Club. It has been shown in many European countries.


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Carolina is a little girl who loves poetry. One day, she steals a magic diary from an antiquarian shop and she soon realizes everything she writes on that diary becomes true. When Carolina writes that she dreams of a world where the magic of poetry is not a strange thing, she is brought to Alfea.
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Once there, the bad Trix convince her to use the power of the diary for malicious purposes. After 3 spells Carolina becomes a witch. The Winx and the Specialists leave to search for Carolina to save her from the Trix and the terrible Valtor, the Lord of Evil. Carolina accomplishes 3 spells against the Winx and the Specialists but in the end she realizes she is becoming a witch and repents for it. Valtor wants Carolina to write the death of the Winx on her diary, but instead she writes the defeat of Valtor and the Trix.


  • Carolina Kostner as Carolina
  • Silvia Fontana as Icy
  • Angelica Belotti as Darcy
  • Claudia Di Costanzo as Stormy
  • Giorgia Bombardieri as Bloom
  • Francesca Mongini as Stella
  • Lucina Scarpolini as Flora
  • Camilla Pistorello as Musa
  • Ambra Fredella as Tecna
  • Jamain Orchydee: Aisha
  • Alberto Carinelli as Sky
  • Marco Togni as Brandon
  • Davide Fradelloni as Riven
  • Angelo Fiorentini as Timmy
  • Cristian Zaccaria as Helia
  • Matteo Ottaviani as Nabu

Tour Dates

2008 Tour Dates
November 6-9 Milan
November 15-16 Genoa
November 22-23 Bologna
December 6-7 Bolzano
December 13-14 Padova
December 20-21 Naples
December 27-28 Turin
January 2-6 Rome
2010 Tour Dates
March 24-28 Moscow
February 27 Lugano
March 6-7 Lisbona
March 12-14 Paris
April 17-18 Milan



Winx on Ice01:28:34

Winx on Ice.avi

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