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Winx Power is the soundtrack album of the show Winx Power Show that was released on September 28, 2005 and contains fourteen tracks.

Track Listing

N. Title Artist(s) Length
1 Una Di Noi (One of Us) TBA TBA
2 L'Attimo Che Cresce (The Moment Growing) TBA TBA
3 Siamo Le Winx (We Are the Winx) TBA TBA
4 Non C'È Amore (There Is No Love) TBA TBA
5 Un Pizzico Di Magia (A Pinch of Magic) TBA TBA
6 Abili Guerrieri (Skilled Warriors) TBA TBA
7 Il Canto Delle Sirene (The Song of the Mermaid) TBA TBA
8 Il Canto Di Musa (Musa's Song) TBA TBA
9 Mondo Fatato (Fairy World) TBA TBA
10 Fantabosco TBA TBA
11 Balla Con Me (Dance with Me) TBA TBA
12 Non Mi Arrenderò (I Will Not Surrender) TBA TBA
13 Più Che Puoi (More Than You Can) TBA TBA
14 Vola Se Voui (If You Want to Fly) TBA TBA

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