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Winx Magic Travel + WCM 150
Winx Magic Travel is a doll play-set and it is currently unknown who produced it. The set includes Bloom, Stella, Flora, Aisha, Tecna, and Musa. This play-set is apart with the 150th Winx Club Magazine.


Discover 12 fantastic Winx 3D characters!

Look for bags on sale and complete the collection! Each Winx is in two versions:
- Winx Gold for magic travel time!
- Winx Tynix for many new adventures in the enchanting MiniWorlds. The wings glow in the dark!

Each Winx has 3 travel card to be inserted in the base to always live new adventures!

With the coloring card, you can create your own stories and customize the travel of your favorite fairies!

And the fun is even more fantastic with the Winx 150th Magazine where you can find Bloom Gold and the magical hot air balloon to discover many fairy worlds!


  • 6 Winx Gold
  • 6 Winx Tynix
  • 3 Travel Card (1 coloring card)
  • 1 hot air balloon



Winx Club - Winx Magic Travel! (SPOT TV)00:16

Winx Club - Winx Magic Travel! (SPOT TV)


Winx Club - Scopriamo insieme le Winx Magic Travel!10:08

Winx Club - Scopriamo insieme le Winx Magic Travel!

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