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Along with being a animated TV series, Winx Club is also a comic book series. Both originated in Italy.

Over 145 issues have been produced, including two issues focusing on the movies and three Halloween issues, each contained in a monthly magazine. The first twelve are based directly on the episodes of the first season, while the rest focus on other adventures. The Winx continue to attend Alfea in the comics, despite having graduated.

List of comics

Only the first 72 comics have been officially translated into English. Fan translations for the later comics exist online.

N. Title Summary
1 The Castle Bloom and Stella begin their first year at Alfea.
2 The Secrets of Alfea Bloom searches for a dress for the Alfea dance.
3 The Boys from Red Fountain Bloom and the girls officially form the Winx Club.
4 A Friend for Bloom How Bloom first met Stella and came to Alfea is told.
5 Prisoner of the Dark Bloom is imprisoned in a tree by the Trix and Stella, Musa, Tecna, and Flora have to rescue her.
6 The Swamp Monster The Winx have to battle a vicious monster in the Black Mud Swamp near Alfea.
7 The School for Witches Icy over hears a teacher say something about forbidden spells and tries to open the book but she needs help from some familiar fairy.
8 Heart of a Fairy Bloom helps her boss at her new job.
9 A Job for Bloom How Bloom got her job is told.
10 The Revelation The truth about Bloom, Brandon and Sky is told.
11 Dragon's Flame Bloom searches for her lost power.
12 Magic Battle The final fight between the Winx and the Trix is fought.
13 Moonlight The Winx and Specialists go looking for liquid moonlight.
14 Alone Against Everybody There's a big party going on at the White Horse but a familiar face comes back to Musa which upsets Riven and something happens after the party that concerns Musa and the rest of the gang.
15 Dragon's Land Bloom protects Diaspro in the dragon homeland.
16 King Nobody The Winx help King Nobody attain freedom.
17 The Ghost of Balmoral The Winx solve the mystery behind Balmoral Castle.
18 The Guardian of Dreams The Winx meet Layla and help her in the dream realm.
19 Monsters on the Loose Season 2 is summarized, and the last of Lord Darkar's monsters are eliminated.
20 An Evil Wind The Trix try to erase people's memories.
21 The Shaab Stone The legendary Shaab Stone is discovered.
22 Treason With Helia suspected of treason, the Winx plot how to get the Shaab Stone back.
23 Return of the Trix Girls The Trix regain their memories and wreak havoc.
24 Love Potion Shilly makes a love potion to make Brandon fall for her.
25 Logic and Love Tecna is told by her father that a boy, other than Timmy, was chosen as a match for her.
26 The Seed of Disagreement The Trix plant the seed of disagreement.
27 Darko the Black Darko made a bet with his friends that he will get Bloom to fall in love with him. Though he has no luck, Icy helps him with a love potion. When Darko tries to get Bloom alone, Sky comes in and try to save her but a terrible accident happens.
28 Witch Love Icy is confident that Darko will be all her's. But when Darko's dad wants him to married a princess, he tells him that he is with, Icy which after sharing that news cause more trouble for him and Icy which he ask for help from Bloom.
29 Magic Tournament A magical tournament is held, and the Winx participate.
30 Love for Layla The Pixies try to find a good boyfriend for Layla.
31 The Return of Princess Diaspro Princess Diaspro is back and brings Bloom worry.
32 My Friend is a Dragon The baby dragon from "Dragons Land" finds Bloom.
33 Ghosts Ghosts arise from the dead and attack the Winx girls.
34 A Story of Knights and Ladies The Winx participate in an exam in Palladium's simulator chamber where they are thrust in a virtual world of the Medieval times.
35 The Trial Headmistress Griffin of Cloud Tower is put on trial concerning the Trix, but foul play from behind the scenes plot to make sure Griffin never makes it to the trial.
36 New Challenges Helia leaves Red Fountain to became an artist and begins working for Mr. Zeria, who is revealed to be stealing paintings.
37 Together Again Helia becomes worried and returns to Red Fountain when Saladin is suddenly kidnapped by an old colleague.
38 Musa's Enterprise Musa uses a guy's property to set up her own club.
39 The King of Rock The Winx befriend a rock star celebrity, whom they discover is living a life that is less than luxurious.
40 The Kingdom of Darkness The Winx save a kingdom without light.
41 Love Beach Tecna and Timmy have relationship troubles.
42 Milly's Secret The Winx help a girl named Milly realize her dreams in a Cinderella-like scenario.
43 Lost Words A magical virus that eats up all manner of text, written and digital, plagues Magix.
44 The Loyalty Game King Sky has enemies who is hunting him down to get to him and maybe Brandon and Bloom is a key to reaching him.
45 Suspicion and Deceit The Winx help Sky and Brandon stop assassination attempts against Sky's father.
46 Mission to Andros The Winx and Specialists head to Andros to stop a series of tidal waves, while Layla worries about her romantic relationship with Nabu; after he meets up with an old friend.
47 Pirate Island Continuing from the last issue, problems on Andros rises as all but Layla get captured by pirates. It is up to Layla to rescue them all.
48 Knights of the Star There's great trouble in the realm Flora friend stay in and only the Winx and Specialist can solve it.
49 Love Betrayed King Thordan thinks his wife and his most noble soldier is seeing each other.
50 Rebellious Genie The Winx locate a genie who happens to be an Alfea professor and refuses to grant the wishes of the lamp's owner.
51 The Island of Time The Winx and Specialists encounter a time warp and get stranded on an island on Earth a few centuries back.
52 Infernal Concoction The Trix create a candy to boost mental activity and sells it to other witches, but it has side-effects.
53 The Black Comet The Winx help Tecna's home-world to stop the Black comet, while Tecna finds a potential new suitor.
54 Pandora's Box The Winx and Trix are invited to another magic academy as guest lecturers, but it also contains a box that was sealed for a very good reason.
55 Temptations While all her friends are happy with their boyfriends, Musa is saddened by Riven's attitude and starts to think he may not be her soul mate. She meets a boy while chatting on the net and finds out they have many things in common. He invites her to meet him in person near the White Horse at night. Musa is tempted by the idea of meeting a new boy and that he may be better than Riven. Well aware that quite a few teen girls have been kidnapped, does she make the right choice in meeting him for the first time alone at night?
56 Magix on Ice Magix is frozen over, and an ice-skating competition is held.
57 Red Devils Musa meets a boy, who want to be a famous musician, but Riven is against him.
58 The Magic Child The Winx protect a magical child from demons.
59 Winx Band The Winx create a band, which became a hit. However, will the path to stardom disrupt their lives as fairies?
60 Future Adventure The Winx help a professor return to the future, and see their future pet shop.
61 The Rebellion The robots on Tecna's home-world rebel against their masters.
62 Stormy Skies Master Helgard wants to show that he got skills to all of Magix, so he creates a storm but it back fire on him and now all of Magix is endangered. Who will save Magix while Bloom is on Earth dealing with her parents?
63 Poison Stella and Brandon are poisoned.
64 Magic Holiday Two sneaky celebrities cause relationship troubles for Bloom and Sky.
65 New Love Stella tries to find a new boyfriend after she has a fight with Brandon.
66 The Dispute The girls go to visit Flora's old friend whose family is having a land dispute with another family.
67 Magix Virus A magical computer virus plagues the cyber world of Magix, and the Winx and Trix are tasked with deleting it before it deletes all data.
68 Roxy the Seventh Fairy Season 4 is summarized. The Winx stop a T-Rex brought back to life. First appearance of Roxy.
69 The Cursed Jewel A mystical known for bringing bad luck is discovered.
70 Ski Break The three schools of Magix go on a ski vacation.
71 Layla's Courage Layla runs into an old friend, and love blossoms all over again.
72 High Tide The Winx try to solve a water problem in the Terramaris region on planet Seantis.
73 Perfume and Magic The Winx visit another college in Magix, and uncovers a conspiracy plot from a sleazy business tycoon scheming to take over a town plagued with pollution thanks to his over-industrialization.
74 Love and Duty Eraklyon erupts into civil war, and Sky and Brandon must leave knowing that they may never come back.
75 Needless Courage Bloom tries to come to terms that Sky may never return from the Eraklyon civil war, and at the same time deal with a possible love blossoming with new guy named Jordan.
76 Revenge of the Sea The Winx visit a planet where the oceans are being littered with illegal driftnet fishing and Bloom receives a prophetic dream about the sea's source should it continue.
77 Hopes and Disappointments The Winx take a vacation to a nature preserve to get their minds off of the Eraklyon rebellion. They meet Stella's old friend, who became a veterinarian and a park ranger as they try to solve the mystery of animal attacks.
78 The Wizard Kamud The Eraklyon rebellion intensifying, Brandon sneaks back to Alfea to report what's going on, while a wizard goes to capture Bloom in order to blackmail Sky.
79 Conflicts of the Heart The rebellion is over and Bloom and Stella are happy that Sky and Brandon get to return. It's not so easy as they are still fatigued after many months of war. Meanwhile, Musa begins to develop a new love.
80 Old Doors New Mysteries Musa's old friend is forced to close down his hall and she inherits an old building for her to use. There seems to be a hidden plot going on behind this building though.
81 The Flower of Truth Flora is tasked with caring for a rare flower with a special magical property, which makes it a target for corrupt business executives.
82 Forbidden Magic Roxy falls for a Specialist named Manuel, but cannot get the courage to talk with him, so she asks the Winx to help her charm him, even if it's through magical means.
83 Monsters of Stone Kamud is back for revenge and unleashes giant stone golems to destroy the Magix schools.
84 Riddles and Jealousy Musa becomes worried when her latest squeeze, Lukas, is being targeted by someone. Meanwhile, Roxy and Manuel have trouble coming to terms with their feelings for each other.
85 Bad Dreams Bloom and Roxy have nightmares about the Wizards of the Black Circle.
86 The Golden Reef A new villain has helped the Wizards of the Black Circle named Neruman.
87 Gregory's Fury Gregory finds out that he has magical abilities, and Neruman orders the Wizards of the Black Circle to convince Gregory to join him.
88 The Test of Kyral Kyral does not want to study for her tests so she search for a spell that could make her pass, but it goes all wrong.
89 Little Wishes Bloom's mothers birthday is coming quickly and Bloom want to get her mom a great gift. The Winx ends up at a bakery that not only sales sweets but wishes as well.
90 Adventure on Zenith A new model of a robot sentry goes haywire and turns Tecna into a metal statue. The rest of the girls must find a wizard recluse to not only stop the robot, but to restore their friend.
91 Werewolves in Shady Hill The Winx and Specialists celebrate Halloween on Earth but a hairy surprise is awaiting them.
92 The Club of Vampires Bloom, Stella, and Flora goes into a club but doesn't know that something bloody is in the air.
93 Revenge of the Mummy The Winx is still on earth ready to meet with their boyfriends but a mummy comes back and haunts the Winx and all of Earth.
94 The Fury of the Snow The Winx are enjoying their vacation on Planet Stalax, a planet of snow. Their vacation however, is temporary put on hold when a beast, known as the Wocky, attack the resort.
95 The Source of Light The Winx are still at Roxy's house. Morgana dreams of a dark place full of despair - the place is Solaria. Neruman wants control of the Second Sun of Solaria and the Wizards of the Black Circle help him possess Stella in order to do so.
96 Fairy for a Day The Trix gets a hold of a human who wants power for just one day. She will not stop until everyone pay for what they done to her. It's up to the Winx to get to the bottom of this and save Earth once more.
97 The Dark Dimension The Winx only have one chance to get Roxy's mother her necklace back before she dies. The only way for them to get her necklace is to go in the dark dimension and face Neruman. Will they succeed or will they let the dark dimension get the best of them?
98 Return to the Amazon Bloom meets her old friend and who shows her a necklace that has a touch of magic in it. Now Bloom and the rest of the Winx has to go to the Amazon Forest to put the necklace back to stop trouble on Earth.
99 Star Shattered One of Stella's idols, Jenny Carter, is being attacked by manifestations of negative energy and she requests the Winx's help. As the Winx get closer the solving the problem, it becomes clear as to whom was attacking Jenny.
100 The Stone of Memories To celebrate the one hundredth year of the founding of Alfea, Faragonda selects a student to experience a new magical power - Bloom. But the Trix interferes with the experience out of revenge, and now Bloom must find a way out as the Trix try and manipulate her memories.
101 Winx Music Tour: The Spirits of Nature The Winx, along with Jason Queen, are at Magnolia, on Earth perform a concert. But Mitzi and her two friends, Stacy and Brooke, want to steal the Winx's spotlight at their concert. To do that, they steal three traditional musical instruments and accidentally evokes a catastrophe.
102 Winx Music Tour: An Enchanted Melody Coming soon...
103 Winx Music Tour: Magic of the East Coming soon...
104 The Mirror of the Sea Coming soon...
105 The Mouth of the Abyss Coming soon...
106 The Mysterious Island Coming soon...
107 The Dark Mermaids Coming soon...
108 The Scream of the Banshee The Winx are going to give a concert in Ireland, but an evil banshee named Maeve is also at the concert and wants to turn everybody into goblins.
109 The Threat of the Atlanteans Coming soon...
110 The Magical Valley of Linphea Coming soon...
111 The Flower Koralis Coming soon...
112 The Trix's Trap Coming soon...
113 Costume Magic Coming soon...
114 Fairy Talent Coming soon...
115 The Last Dragon of Pyros Coming soon...
116 The Flute of the Shaman Coming soon...
117 The Ice Princess Coming soon...
118 Mitzi's Challenge Coming soon...
119 The Power of Music Coming soon...
120 The Enchanted Forest Coming soon...
121 The Lost Puppy Coming soon...
122 The Big Challenge Coming soon...
123 The Spell of Time Coming soon...
124 Attack of the Centaurs Coming soon...
125 The Kingdom of the Dark Elves Coming soon...
126 The Magic Exhibition Coming soon...
127 The Legend of the Lantern Coming soon...
128 The Rainbow Mountain Coming soon...
129 The Queen of Hearts Coming soon...
130 An Unforgettable Party Coming soon...
131 The Test of Nex Coming soon...
132 The Fire of the Phoenix Coming soon...
133 The First Hunter of Fate Coming soon...
134 The Courage of Kiko Coming soon...
135 The Magic of Food Coming soon...
136 The Age of Giants Coming soon...
137 The Thief of Flowers Coming soon...
138 The Woods of Stone Coming soon...
139 Party to Surprise! Coming soon...
140 The Mysteries of Alfea Coming soon...
141 The Animals Bewitched Coming soon...
142 The Pearl of Seas Coming soon...
143 The Flame of Dragon Coming soon...
144 The Enchanted Melody Coming soon...
145 Winx Fairy Blog Coming soon...
146 The Jewels of Magix Coming soon...
147 The Sand MiniWorld Coming soon...
148 Winx Summer Camp Coming soon...
149 The Guardian Nymphs Coming soon...

VIZ Media

In 2012, to coincide with Nickelodeon's acquiring rights to the series, VIZ Media began publishing the Winx Club comics. The comics were re-translated and placed in volumes consisting of two comics each. The comics were also slightly re-ordered by placing "A Friend for Bloom" as the first story in the series.

N. Release Date Title Comics Contained
1 July 3, 2012 Bloom's Discovery A Friend for Bloom
First Day in Magix
2 July 3, 2012 Secrets of Alfea Secrets of Alfea
(formerly titled The Secrets of Alfea)
The Boys from Red Fountain
3 September 4, 2012 The Magic of Friendship A Job for Bloom
The Swamp Monster
4 November 6, 2012 Dragon's Flame Dragon's Flame
Magic Battle
5 January 1, 2013 Fairy Dreams The Guardian of Dreams
An Evil Wind
6 March 5, 2013 Time for Magic TBA
7 May 7, 2013 Adventures Away The Island of Time
The Rebellion
8 July 2, 2013 Magic in the Air TBA
9 September 3, 2013 The Cursed Jewel TBA

Magazine Covers

The CastleThe Secrets of AlfeaThe Boys from Red FountainA Friend for BloomPrisoner of the DarkThe Swamp MonsterThe School for WitchesHeart of a FairyA Job for BloomThe RevelationDragon's FlameMagic BattleMoonlightAlone Against EverybodyDragon's LandKing NobodyThe Ghost of BalmoralThe Guardian of DreamsMonsters on the LooseAn Evil WindThe Shaab StoneTreasonReturn of the Trix GirlsLove PotionLogic and LoveThe Seed of DisagreementDarko the BlackWitch LoveMagic TournamentLove for LaylaThe Return of Princess DiasproMy Friend is a DragonGhostsA Story of Knights and LadiesThe TrialNew ChallengesTogether AgainMusa's EnterpriseThe King of RockThe Kingdom of DarknessLove BeachMilly's SecretLost WordsThe Loyalty GameSuspicion and DeceitMission to AndrosPirate IslandKnights of the StarLove BetrayedRebellious GenieThe Island of TimeInfernal ConcoctionThe Black CometPandora's BoxTemptationsMagix on IceRed DevilsThe Magic ChildWinx BandFuture AdventureThe RebellionStormy SkiesPoisonMagic HolidayNew LoveThe DisputeMagix VirusRoxy the Seventh FairyThe Cursed JewelSki BreakLayla's CourageHigh TidePerfume and MagicLove and DutyNeedless CourageRevenge of the SeaHopes and DisappointmentsThe Wizard KamudConflicts of the HeartOld Doors New MysteriesThe Flower of TruthForbidden MagicMonsters of StoneRiddles and JealousyBad DreamsThe Golden ReefGregory's FuryThe Test of KyralLittle WishesAdventure on ZenithWerewolves in Shady HillThe Club of VampiresRevenge of the MummyThe Fury of the SnowThe Source of LightFairy for a DayThe Dark DimensionReturn to the AmazonStar ShatteredThe Stone of MemoriesWinx Music Tour: The Spirits of NatureWinx Music Tour: An Enchanted MelodyWinx Music Tour: Magic of the EastThe Mirror of the SeaThe Mouth of the AbyssThe Mysterious IslandThe Dark MermaidsThe Scream of the BansheeThe Threat of the AtlanteansThe Magical Valley of LinpheaThe Flower KoralisThe Trix's TrapCostume MagicFairy TalentThe Last Dragon of PyrosThe Flute of the ShamanThe Ice PrincessMitzi's ChallengeThe Power of MusicThe Enchanted ForestThe Lost PuppyThe Big ChallengeThe Spell of TimeAttack of the CentaursThe Kingdom of the Dark ElvesThe Magic ExhibitionThe Legend of the LanternThe Rainbow MountainThe Queen of HeartsAn Unforgettable PartyThe Test of NexThe Fire of the PhoenixThe First Hunter of FateThe Courage of KikoThe Magic of FoodThe Age of GiantsThe Thief of FlowersThe Woods of StoneParty to Surprise!The Mysteries of AlfeaThe Animals BewitchedThe Pearl of SeasThe Flame of DragonThe Enchanted MelodyWinx Fairy BlogThe Jewels of MagixThe Sand MiniWorldWinx Summer CampThe Guardian Nymphs
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