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Shimmer in the Shadows


Narrator: With Bloom gone, Aisha encouraged the Winx to build their strength at her gym. In Gardenia, a pack of vampires crash the goth ball, sending the city into utter chaos. Luckily the Pixies were in town to visit Bloom and warn her of this nail-biting threat.

Scene: Cloud Tower

Icy: Well, well, well, Selina. It certainly has taken you a few tries but I think you may have actually picked the winner. This is going to be so exciting to watch.

  • Magic sphere shows the vampires and their thralls.*

Icy: These vampires are creating an entire army to outnumber Bloom. And then she'll be useless.
Vampire female: Gardenia is ours!
Hypnotized people: Gardenia is ours!

  • Scene returns to the Trix and Selina.*

Darcy: Sisters, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Stormy: We could use them to conquer the Magic Universe...
Icy: ... But first we have to eliminate our number one enemy. *To Selina.* Order them to attack Bloom's house!

  • Selina chuckles.*

Selina: Children of the Night! Do as I command: go to Bloom's house and get rid of her once and for all.

  • The vampires receive her command.*

Vampire female: Go! You know what you must do.
Hypnotized people: Bloom is ours. Bloom is ours.

Scene: Living Room

Mike: Is Bloom is still in her room?
Vanessa: Yes, I've never seen her this quiet.
Mike: I'll try to lift her spirits.
Vanessa: There's just gotta be something we can do.

  • Both walk to the hall.*

Scene: Hallway

  • Suddenly, the door is open, Bloom and Pixies fly inside.*

Bloom: Mom! Dad!
Vanessa: Bloom?!
Bloom: There's trouble, in Gardenia!
Mike: Ha? Where did you go? What's going on?
Bloom: You are in danger!

  • Blocks the main door with the spell.*

Vanessa: Danger? What type of danger? Bloom!
Bloom: Pixies, we need to protect this house. Split up!
Cherie: On it, Bloom!

Scene: Kitchen

Cherie: Let's lock all the entrances.

  • Piff casts a spell to lock one of the doors.*

Scene: Living Room

Mike: Can someone please explain to me why we're in danger?
Bloom: Vampires. They're taking over Gardenia! Chatta and Amore will stand guard here. Shout as soon as you spot them!
Chatta: Aye-aye.
Vanessa: But I don't understand. Vampires aren't real!
Bloom: They are now. I'll explain more later.
Chatta: Bloom, hurry! Here they come! They're surrounding the house!

  • Camera shifts to the Children of the Night

Amore: Where? I can't see.

  • Vampires vanish.*

Chatta: Right there! Ha? Where they go?

  • Vampires appear once again. Chatta and Amore gasp.*

Bloom: Hrr-argh!

  • Seals of the window that vampires are knocking. Vanessa and Mike gasp.*

Bloom: Lockette and Cara, come with me!

Scene: Bloom's Bedroom

  • Female vampire got through the window.*

Caramel: We're not afraid of you!

  • Vampire charges at them. Bloom evades an attack.*

Bloom: Volcanic Attack!

  • Knocks the vampire down, but she gets up.*

Female Vampire: You can't defeat me, Bloom.

  • Caramel uses a blanket to knock her out of the room.*

Female Vampire: I... will... argh!
Caramel: Now get out!

  • Lockette seals off the window.*

Lockette: And stay out!

  • Vampire climbs up to the second floor.*

Lockette: I said stay out! Go team Pixie!
Bloom: We can't stay here. Pixies, upstairs, quick!
Chatta: Coming, Bloom!
Cherie: So what's the plan?
Bloom: We have to get the vampires out of Gardenia so they don't hypnotize anyone else.
Lockette: I can teleport us outside!
Bloom: Good idea, Lockette.

  • Lockette snaps. Bloom and Pixies teleport outside*

Scene: Outside

Vampire: She's mine...
Bloom: *Whistles.* Hey, guys! Over here!

  • Vampire turn around.*

Female vampire: Get her!
Bloom: This way, Pixies!

Scene: One of Gardenia's Street

  • Vampires are chasing them. At home, Vanessa and Mike gasp.*

Female vampire: Don't let her get away!
Bloom: So far so good!
Female vampire: You won't get away from us!
Bloom: The further away from people the better. This way!

Scene: Gardenia's Park

Male vampire: There she is! She's ours.

  • Vampire approach Bloom and Pixies.*

Bloom: Get ready, Pixies! Red Dragon Orb!

  • Concentrates her energy to create the barrier.*

Female vampire: She's ours! Surround her and wait.
Lockette: Oh, no!
Chatta: They're getting ready to attack!
Bloom: I don't know how long I can keep this at full strength!
Chatta: Then we've got to go in for the fight! Come on!
Bloom: I'll fight them, Chatta. I don't want anyone getting hurt.
Lockette: We're in this together, Bloom. Besides, we can take them.

  • Bloom releases the barrier.*

Lockette: Here we go!

  • Vampire charges at Chatta. She creates a garlic necklace for her.*

Chatta: Ah-ha-ha-ha! Like that smell?

  • Vampire throws away the necklace.*

Chatta: Oh, never mind!
Bloom: They controlled by the Legendarium, think of something else, Chatta!
Chatta: Hm, *Gasps* such as... I'm out of ideas!

  • Flees from vampire.*

Female vampire: How about the game of tag?

  • Laughs. Bloom attacks.*

Female vampire: Missed!

  • Bloom attacks again.*

Female vampire: Missed again!

  • Bloom attacks another time.*

Female vampire: Missed again! Over here!

  • Bloom turns around and hits the vampire.*

Bloom: Tagged! You're out!

  • Other vampires surround her. She gasps.*

Male vampire: You're ours!

  • Suddenly, Flora's spell knocks him out. Bloom gasps.*

Stella: Actually, she's ours! Claws off!

  • Aisha's and Tecna's spells follow through knocking down other two vampires.*

Bloom: Stella!
Amore: The Winx!
Flora: Lilac Vortex!

  • Knocks down another vampire.*

Aisha: Water Bolt!

  • Knocks down another two.*

Chatta: Yes! You did it!

  • Girls land.*

Aisha: Did we? Is that all of them?
Musa: Sure looks like it.
Stella: They ran for the hills!
Tecna: For now.
Amore: I'm not sensing any of the darkness nearby.
Flora: Oh, Pixies, we've missed you so much!

  • Girls hug the Pixies.*

Lockette: Hug me, Bloom!

  • Bloom chuckles and hugs her.*

Bloom: Winx, you got here just in time!
Aisha: We can tell the Pixies were in danger.

  • Aisha hugs Piff.*

Flora: Plus, Eldora's flower grows here, in Gardenia.
Musa: But we don't know where exactly.
Bloom: I do! When I was here in my Mom and Dad's house, I recognized it from one of my childhood drawings. I think I know just where to find it. But I going to need your help.
Stella: *In the middle of Bloom's phrase.* I know this place...
Bloom: This is where we met, Stella!
Stella: That's right...

  • Flashback to the first Bloom's and Stella's meting.*

Stella: You showed him who's boss! You were fantastic!

  • Flashback ends.*

Stella: Just think of how far we've come since then.

  • She hugs Bloom.*

Stella: How far you've come, Bloom. Without me, Bloom would never have come to Alfea!
Aisha: Ant there wouldn't be the Winx Club!
Flora: We've missed you so much.
Bloom: I'm so sorry about running away. I couldn't forgive myself for believing Selina and helping her to put my friends' life in danger. I was in shock. But I also can't imagine a life without you guys.

  • Girls hug.*

Aisha: Oh, Bloom, we love you!
Stella: We sure do.
Flora: No matter what.
Tecna: This is really nice and all, but the vampires are still out there.
Bloom: You're right, Tecna. What we need now is some expert advice.
Aisha: Daphne!

  • Bloom contacts Daphne.*

Bloom: Daphne, we need you!
Daphne: What is it, Bloom?
Bloom: We could use your help, Daphne. The witches summoned some vampires from the Legendarium!
Daphne: The Children of the Night. They have superhuman strength and they also have the power of hypnosis.
Aisha: How can we beat them?
Daphne: The most powerful weapon is daylight.
Tecna: It's not much help now. It's night time!
Musa: And we can't way 'till morning.
Stella: Ah, hello, have you all forgotten that I'm the Fairy of the Shining Sun? I've got plenty of new tricks I could try on them.
Daphne: It's worth the try, Stella. Good luck!
Bloom: Thanks, Daphne.

Scene: Gardenia's Street

Aisha: Still no sign of vampires.
Musa: Or anyone else for that matter.
Flora: Where could they be?
Tecna: The fastest way to find the vampires is to fly over Gardenia, but that would be far too conspicuous.
Musa: The last thing we need is more attention.
Aisha: We need to go incognito.
Stella: I've got it!

  • Girls stop and turn to Stella. Stella snaps and creates a janitor outfit for herself.*

Bloom: Uh, Stella?

  • Stella snaps again.*

Bloom: What are you up to now?

  • Bloom's polymorphed into a broom.*

Stella: A street cleaner and her trusty broom!
Bloom: No comment.
Stella: Your code name could be broom-Bloom.
Bloom: Stella! Regular clothes will work just fine.
Stella: Uh, okay, okay, okay!

Scene: Gothic Fashion Show

Stella: What's going on here?
Announcer: *At the background.* Welcome, welcome, everyone! It's wonderful to see so many of you here.
Bloom: Look, it's a goth-fashion contest they have it every year, the goth-ball!
Announcer: Attention goth-fashion show participants! Preparations and rehearsals are on the way, but there's still time to sign up. All contestants must make their way to the furthest stage to register. Comment: get your goth-ball.
Stella: A goth-fashion contest? I've got this one in the bag!
Bloom: We don't have time for that. We have to find the vampires.
Amore: I can sense they're near.
Bloom: OK, everyone, let's spread out and check the crowd. They have to be here somewhere.

  • Stella separates from the group.*

Stella: This is going to put me on the mat in Gardenia. Hello, may I have an entry form, please?
Administrator: Here you go, good luck!

  • Scene shifts to other girls.*

Aisha: Bloom, do you notice anything suspicious?
Bloom: Yeah, these kids look a little pale.
Flora: Excuse me.

  • Person she's asking ignores her.*

Flora: Ha? Uh!

  • Tries with another person.*

Flora: Hello? Are you OK?

  • Hypnotized person turns to her but completely ignores her. Bloom gasps.*

Bloom: They have been enslaved by the Children of the Night!

  • Hypnotized people instantly turn around and surround them.*

Bloom: Ow! Ha?

  • Pixies gasp.*

Bloom: Wha...

  • One of the vampires catches her.*

Male vampire: Welcome to our party.
Bloom: No!

  • Another vampire holds her. Scene shows that Flora and Tecna are also caught. The vampire drains energy from Tecna causing an apathy.*

Flora: Tecna, no!

  • Same happens to Flora, then to Aisha as she tries to fight back. Musa and Bloom soon join them.*

Male vampire: Fairy power is strong.
Other male vampire: And we've only scratched the surface of their energy.
Female vampire: Let's bring them to our hideout. We take the rest of their power there.

  • Pixies gasp but can't do anything about that.*

Female vampire: Let's get this party started!

  • Vampire laughs. Meanwhile, Stella's filling the entry form.*

Stella: My address is Alfea College. I don't think it has a zip code. So when do I...

  • Hears the vampires' laugh and gasps, realizing that other girls are kidnapped.*

Stella: Oh, no! Winx! Uh!

  • Hypnotized people surround her.*

Stella: Oh, great! They all over the place! Back off! Magic Winx...

  • A hypnotized person bumps into her interrupting the transformation.*

Stella: Uh, hey!

  • Amore sees that Stella is surrounded.*

Stella: Back off!
Amore: No!
Stella: I said back off!

  • Amore whistles. Pixies turn around.*

Amore: Pixies, Stella needs our help!

  • Pixies strike knocking down attackers.*

Stella: Nice work, Pixies! Now where was I... Magic Winx Bloomix!

  • Stella starts transforming.*

Stella: Stella, Fairy of the Shining Sun!

  • Transformation sequence ends.*

Scene: Gardenia's Street

Chatta: Yay, Stella!
Stella: Let's go save our friends!

  • The vampires are quickly getting away with the girls.*

Lockette: Stella! They're getting away!
Stella: Where did they go?
Lockette: They've disappeared!
Stella: Pixies, are you picking up on anything?

  • Chatta concentrates.*

Chatta: I sense Flora is that way.

  • Lockette concentrates as well.*

Lockette: Bloom, too, but her energy is weak.
Stella: Then we better hurry! Come on, Pixies, they need our help!

Scene: Outside the Hideout

Stella: Ew, what is this place?
Amore: They're inside.
Lockette: And thanks to my magic arrow we'll get inside for a sneak attack. They won't now what hit them.

  • Stella and Pixies follow the arrow.*

Scene: Inside the Hideout

Male vampire: And now the moment that we have all been waiting for.

  • Girls, are heavily weakened. Only think that they can do is moan.

Female vampire: Hm-hm-hm. Their energy is so powerful.
Male vampire: Yes, indeed.

  • Vampire laughs.*

Male vampire: It's go time.
Female vampire: Yes, now is the time to drain their fairy magic. Then nothing will be able to stop us! And I think we should start with this one.

  • Comes to Bloom. Laughs and starts absorbing her energy. Suddenly, door blows up.*

Stella: May I come in? Sorry to interrupt, but how many times do I have to tell you? Claws off!

  • Strikes down the vampire.*

Stella: Don't worry, Winx, we'll take care of them!

  • Attacks another one, but he evades that.*

Stella: Ha?

  • Turns around and gets knocked down by him.*

Stella: Ow! Ouch!
Chatta: They're even more powerful!

  • Attacks the vampire but her spell just bounces of him.*

Amore: They've got fairy energy now!

  • Stella gets up.*

Stella: But they don't have my light energy!

  • One of the vampires attacks her.*

Stella: Solar Halo!

  • Blocks an attack.*

Lockette: Nice one, Stella! Oh, Chatta!

  • Vampire backstabs Chatta and hypnotizes her. Same happens to Cherie.*

Male vampire: Stand guard. If your friends interrupt us, blast them.
Cherie and Chatta: *Together, hypnotized.* As you wish.
Female vampire: Now where was I? *Starts draining Bloom's energy once again.* Oh, that's right I was about to finish Bloom off once and for all!
Lockette: They're to strong! We can't beat them!
Stella: Remember what Daphne said?
Amore: Daylight is our best weapon? But it's still nighttime!
Stella: I can fix that.

  • Vampire corner them. Stella concentrates.*

Stella: I summon all the power of Solarian suns.

  • Vampire are threatened by light that Stella illuminates.*

Stella: Ray of Pure Light!

  • Unleashes the wave of light, purging the spells on other girls, Chatta and Cherie and annihilating vampires in the process. The whole hideout is bursting with a light.*

Scene: Outside the Hideout

Bloom: Phew, glad that's over!
Musa: You were unbelievable, Stella!
Aisha: You saved us!
Stella: Oh, that was no biggy. I just... Uh! Oh, no!
Chatta: What? Another vampire? Let me have him!
Stella: No! It's the goth-fashion contest! I entered myself and it's starting right now!
Bloom: Well, we better hurry. Come on!

  • Pixies giggle. Girls run to the contest.*

Scene: Cloud Tower

Stormy: You'd think they're still running from vampires not going to some lame fashion show!
Icy: We were so close!
Darcy: Duh, now they all happy and lubby-dubby and blah-blah-blah. Uh, they make me sick.
Selina: Don't worry. They won't be giggling when I read the next chapter of the Legendarium.
Icy: Well, it'd better be good, Selina!
Selina: Oh, it will be, count on it.

Scene: Gothic Fashion Show

Announcer: And returning again this year. Just wait until you see what we have in store for you next.
Contestant: We call this collection: "Fashion Rags".
Announcer: Isn't it amazing? Such vision, such passion. Well then, we're getting down to our final collections. Don't you agree: have this been a remarkable show so far?
Stella: Models on stand by! Prepare yourself for genius! Inspiration, inspiration, come to me... Uh, I know! Decadent and gothic, dark and gorgeous!

  • Pixies gasp, Stella changes girls' outfit.*

Musa: Uh, gorgeous?
Stella: Hm, wait a second. What is that?

  • Spider is crawling on her dress.*

Stella: Yikes! I hate spiders!

  • Returns normal outfits.*

Announcer: And now a new color to this year's show: Stella from Alfea College presents her collection.
Stella: Think, Stella, think!
Bloom: You're the hero of Gardenia, Stella! You'll light up the stage no matter what.
Stella: That's it! Vampires, light and dark.

  • Girls outfit changes again.*

Stella: Ah, Manistique! Ha-ha-ha! Music, please!
Musa: Got it.

  • Clicks, music starts.*

Stella: I call this collection as "Shimmer in the Shadows".

  • Girls pose, crowd below is cheering for them.*

Announcer: What a magnificent show this has been. It was a close race, but there can only be one winner. And the best design goes to... Stella of Alfea!

  • Stella gasps.*

Stella: Thank you! And a big shout out to the person who inspires us all to shine.
Bloom: Who's that, Stella?

  • Stella comes to Bloom and gives her a trophy.*

Stella: You, Bloom! We're so happy you're back where you belong.

  • Girls laugh.*


Narrator: Reunited on Gardenia, the Winx travel to the Forest of Flowers, a special place from Bloom's childhood in hopes of finding the Fairy Godmother, Eldora. Meanwhile, not happy with the Winx's success, the Trix plan a new attack on the Winx using the power of the Legendarium.