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WOW2-1 (A Touch of Magic)
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Listen to Your Heart


Narrator: After taming a giant eel at the Pillar of Control, The Winx destroy its seal, to prevent Tritannus from activating The Emperor's Throne. Tecna and Timmy went on a real date and despite a few mishaps, found out it's fun to be together.

Scene: Underwater Infinite Ocean

Icy: We almost have it.

  • She laughs.*

Icy: The last seal...

  • Tritannus laughs.*

Tritannus: And once we have it, we will rule, Empress.
Icy: You said it, Emperor!

  • They laugh.*
  • Tritannus and Icy swim away.*

Darcy: You know, these two-
Stormy: I know, they make me sick too!

  • They swim away.*

Scene: Alfea

  • Crowd cheering.
  • Winx are playing volleyball. The opponents throw the ball, Aisha hits it

Aisha: All yours, Stella.

  • Stella hits the ball

Stella: All right!

  • Crystal very closely manages to hit the ball forward

Palladium: Girls, when you're facing a powerful opponent, a direct attack may fail, but a fate can win.

Krystal: Right, girls, formation number three!

  • Krystal's teammates and Flora jump

Musa: Watch out, Flora!

  • Krystal's team wins the game

Palladium: Game Over.

Flora: Sorry.

  • Helia looks at Flora, Krystal runs to Helia.

Krystal: Helia, we won, we beat the Winx!

Helia: Yeah, nice work, Krystal. But I-I just need to say something to Flora... Umm..Flora?

Krystal: (Thinking) I think I really messed things up...

Scene: Eraklyon

Sky: If I hurry, I might still make it.

  • Sky's Phone Rings

Helia: Sky, where were you? You missed the game!

Sky: Aw, man!

Diaspro: Going somewhere, Prince Sky? Because I'm not aware of any outside appointments on your schedule, and as King's special Liaison, I would know, since I'm in charge of you. Please escort Prince Sky into the palace!

Sky: Looks like I can't get away, literally.

Helia: Wow, I'll say. But take it from me, you have to find some way to talk to Bloom, before it's too late.

Sky: I know. But I don't know if she wants to talk to me.

Helia: She will, you just need to have a plan!

Sky: Yeah.

  • Call ends and guards escort Sky into the palace.

Scene: Bloom's and Flora's Bedroom

  • Bloom looks at the shell.

Bloom: Oh, Sky. We're supposed to be together, just like the two halves of the shell. I miss you, Sky. I wish we haven't fought. We can both be so big-headed.

  • Kiko stands by the door and gets hit when Flora comes in.

Bloom: Oh, hey, Flora! I was wondering if you would--Flora? Flora, talk to me, tell me what's wrong.

Flora: It's Helia, I think he wants to be with Krystal, not me!

Bloom: No way!

Flora: They have so much in common, and she's a healer, and she's fun, and I'm not!

Bloom: Flora, that's not true. You are wonderful, Helia loves you just the way you are.

Flora: I don't know about that, Bloom.

Tecna: Talk to him! Tell Helia how you feel!

Bloom: Wait, what did you do with the real Tecna?

Tecna: I mean it, you guys! Face to face and heart to heart! It worked for me and Timmy.

  • Throwback to Timmy and Tecna

Bloom: You're right, maybe we should both try it? How about it, Flora?

Tecna: Yeah, what do you say?

Flora: Aww, thanks you guys! You are the best friends ever!

Tecna's Phone: Breaking news about Zenith! Alert! Alert!

Tecna: King Cryos must've made his decision! He'll say Zenith will join the alliance!

Scene: Zenith

King Cryos: People of Zenith, I carefully considered joining the alliance of the Worlds of the Magic Dimension, in the fight against Tritannus. After an exhausting analysis, I concluded there is only one rational course of action.

Scene: Living Room

Bloom: Yes! Zenith will join the alliance!

King Cryos: Zenith will defend itself alone.

Aisha: What?

Bloom: I can't believe it!

Stella: How could he?

Tecna: I understand his decision! It's totally rational, and completely wrong!

Aisha: What do you think we should do?

Tecna: King Cryos doesn't understand, that when Tritannus threatens any one of us, he threatens us all! We've got to go to Zenith and convince him to support the alliance!

Aisha: Let's get going!

Stella: I've never been to Zenith, I hope there's shopping!

Winx: Stella...

Scene: Zenith

Tecna: Welcome to Zenith!

Stella: It's freezing here!

Tecna: Well, Zenith's climate is calibrated to maximize the functioning of our Techno-Droids.

Stella: Wait, what's that?

Tecna: That is the most technologically advanced retail experience in the Magic Dimension, but we really don't have time.

Stella: That's where you're wrong. There's always time for shopping!

Flora: Stella....

Scene: Shopping Mall

Stella: Wait a minute, you call this a store?

Tecna: Only the best store on Zenith!

Stella: Then, where's all the stuff?

Tecna: There's no need for stuff when you the Shop-a-Tron! The Shop-a-Tron can fulfill any request, from anywhere, instantly!

Stella: Got it. And I'm going for it! Excuse me! Make way! Coming through!

Shop-a-Tron: Shop-a-Tron is at your service. May I have your order, please?

Stella: Okay. Give me the Top 5 Runway looks from Linphea Fashion Week. Yay!

Shop-a-Tron: Shop-a-Tron is at your service, your order is complete.

Stella: Not so fast, Shop-a-Tron, I'm just warming up. Next, I want two Solaria Ball Costumes in the latest in Oppositus Design.

Tecna: Stella! If you keep this up, you're going to break it!

Stella: Oh, c'mon, I thought it can handle anything! So how about, the entire limited edition Pyros Designer Line. Seriously? Shop-a-Tron, you disappoint me. I will take my business elsewhere.

Scene: Pillar of Control

Illiris: Tritannus and the Trix are coming! Selkies, on guard!

Darcy: Darkness Strike!

Selkies: Oh no, the Trix!

Lithia: They're here! Defend the pillar!

Stormy: Lightning Bolt!

Tritannus: Nice work, ladies!

Icy: It's all yours, Emperor.

Tritannus: The final seal.... No! The seal is gone!

Darcy: Uh-oh.

Icy: Tritannus!

Serena: You will never have it! The Winx destroyed it!

Icy: Those obnoxious little fairies beat us to it!

Stormy: So what now, Emperor?

Darcy: He's going to blow!

Stormy: Icy, come on!

Serena: Oh no! Tritannus has shaken the Pillar of Control!

Scene: Zenith

Aisha: What is going on?

Bloom: Take cover! Over there! The Techno-Droids are malfunctioning!

Flora: They've gone totally haywire!

Tecna: But Zenith's Techno-Droids are perfectly programmed! Unless... Oh No!

Musa and Stella: Tritannus!

Aisha: He must've attacked the Pillar of Control!

Bloom: Winx Transform! Magic Winx Sirenix!

*Sirenix transformation*

Bloom: Bloom, Fairy of the Dragon Flame!

Aisha: Aisha, Fairy of Waves!

Flora: Flora, Fairy of Nature!

Musa: Musa, Fairy of Music!

Stella: Stella, Fairy of the Shining Sun!

Tecna: Tecna, Fairy of Technology!

*Sirenix transformation ends*

Bloom: Okay, girls, let's get organized.

Tecna: Oh no! The Techno-Droids! They're attacking the palace! We have got to stop them!

Bloom: C'mon Winx!

Tecna: They've breached the Drone Room! They're going for King Cryos!

Scene: Zenith Palace's Drone Room

King Cryos: Deploy more guard robots!

King's Assistant: Yes, Your Majesty. Your Majesty, the system is unresponsive! We are in danger!

King Cryos: Oh no.

Tecna: Techno Punch! Logic Net!

King Cryos: Tecna!

King's Assistant: Thank goodness.

Flora: We've got to help them!

Musa: But we're totally outnumbered!

Tecna: I don't know how much longer I can maintain the shield!


Palladium: Girls, when you're facing a powerful opponent, a direct attack may fail, but a fate can win.

*flashback ends*

Flora: Bloom, try using your magic attack on me!

Bloom: What?

Flora: Trust me. We can confuse the Techno-Droids. They won't know who they're fighting!

Bloom: Dragon Fire!

Flora: Gaia's Defense!

Tecna: Get out of here, now!

Aisha: Neptune's Sting!

Musa: Percussive Hit!

Stella: Light Diamond!

Scene: Pillar of Control

Lemmy: We must drive Tritannus back!

Illiris: The Winx have reinforced the pillar with their Sirenix power.

Serena: So we just have to use its energy!

Icy: Those little sea rats!

Darcy: Hey!

Desiryee: Selkies, attack!

Tritannus: What do you shrimps think you're doing?

Serena: Yes!

Tritannus: No! My trident! You pathetic squid, you won't get away with this!

Icy: Let's get out of here, there's nothing here for us now.

Selkies: Yay!

Scene: Zenith

Bloom: The Selkies saved the Pillar of Control!

King's Assistant: How could this have happened?

King Cryos: Our technology failed us, but you and your friends, Tecna, did not.

Tecna: I urge you, King Cryos, to support the alliance. Only together we'll be able to defeat Tritannus.

King Cryos: I believe that it's only rational course of action

Tecna: My Sirenix Box!

Tecna's Guardian of Sirenix: Impressive, Tecna.

Tecna: Thank you, Guardian of Sirenix.

Tecna's Guardian of Sirenix: You stood up for what you believe in, and made others believe too! You have earned your wish!

Tecna: Oh. I wish the people of Zenith feel connected to all the worlds of the Magic Dimension and understand that we're all one!

Tecna's Guardian of Sirenix: Done!

Tecna: Um...Thank you, Guardian.

Scene: Alfea

Bloom: I've learned a lot from Tecna today. Huh? Prince Sky of Eraklyon requests a diplomatic meeting with Princess Bloom of Domino? If Sky wants to meet, why didn't he just come in person?

Sky: Actually, I did!

Bloom: Sky!

Sky: You want to go for a ride? I don't think we'll ever agree on everything

Bloom: Yes...

Sky: But, I know that we belong together

Bloom: And we agree about that.

Scene: Emperor's Throne

Tritannus: It's not right! Why aren't I Emperor? I should be Emperor!

Icy: You will be, Tritannus. We just have to figure how.

Tritannus: You know, don't you? You know how to activate the Throne. How can I become Emperor?

Daphne: You must not activate the Throne, Tritannus. The Curse of Sirenix will destroy you, as it destroyes Politea.

Tritannus: Politea? Who's that?

Daphne: She was a Sirenix fairy, cursed by her lust for power, she lost herself in darkness and became....a monster.

Stormy: Monster is dark power, sounds good!

Darcy: If we grab Politea, we can ditch your wack boyfriend, and still rule the Infinite Ocean!

Icy: Never going to happen. So, why don't you two just get lost?

Stormy: Sister, you do not have to ask me twice. You know, I just have a thought.

Darcy: Find Politea, take her power and then see how Icy, Tritannus and hey, why not, the Winx like it?

Stormy: Uh-uh. Joining our Dark Sirenix powers will give us all the juice we need

Darcy: And lead us straight to Politea.


Narrator: Tritannus must find a new source of Sirenix Power, he sends Icy to capture Politea, a fairy cursed by Sirenix, but Daphne overhears and warns Bloom. Can Bloom save Politea, or will she too suffer the Curse of Sirenix?