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The Rise of Tritannus is the second episode of the fifth season of Winx Club.


The Winx hold a benefit concert to raise money to clean up from Earth's oil. Tritannus absorbs the spill's pollution, transforming him into a monster. He and the Trix escape the prison, setting off to rule the magic dimension.


The Winx hold a benefit concert to clean up the oil spill. Meanwhile, some of the toxic waste from the oil spill reaches the prison of Andros. Tritannus absorbs the spill's pollution and transforms into a hideous monster and then he and the Trix escape from prison. Tritannus and the Trix then go to Earth so Tritannus can absorb more pollution and become more powerful. The Winx confront them but are easily defeated, which brings them to the conclusions that Believix powers are too weak underwater.

Major Events

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Tritannus mutation

  • The Winx Club hold a benefit concert to clean up the oil spill.
  • Tritannus absorbs the oil spill and becomes a monster.
  • Both Icy and Tritannus develop huge romantic crushes on each other.
  • With his new powers, Tritannus turns the Guardians of Andros prison into a new breed of mer-monsters, the mutants, as his minions.
  • Tritannus allies with the Trix and plans to rule the Magic Dimension.
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    Tritannus stealing the Selkies' powers

  • Tritannus took the powers of two Selkies to open the gate to Earth with the Trix so as he can absorb more toxic waste from the oil spill.
  • Tritannus restores the powers of the Trix.
  • On Earth, the Trix learn that the Winx brought magic back on Earth.
  • While trying to follow Tritannus' minions in the sea, Flora, Aisha and Tecna realize that their wings are slow and stiff underwater due to the deep pressure of the water.
  • Sky is starting to avoid Bloom.
    Sky and bloom

    Sky is avoiding Bloom


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Phylla (yellow) & Lemmy (blue)


Spells Used




  • Tritannus' new mutation powers are limited. When he uses all the toxic waste, he regains his original triton form.
  • When Tritannus' minions were attacking the people on the beach, Roxy did not transform to help out the Winx to fight back.
  • Judging by how the Trix react to magic on Earth and how the Winx react to them, it seems that the Trix had been in prison ever since the end of season 3. Thus, this is probably the first time they see the Winx in their Believix form.
  • The Trix are heavily outmatched by the Winx in combat. Darcy and Stormy get defeated after the first 3 spells from Musa, Bloom and Stella.
  • Roxy no longer has blond streaks in her hair. It is unknown if that is the new re-design for her or just a mistake during the production.
  • During the fight scene on the beach, you can see a guy that looked and dressed like Riven from Season 1 alongside a girl.
  • A new part in Bloom's Believix transformation sequence was added in this episode before her wings are materialized.
  • During the concert, when they perform their new song, you can see Clarice cheering the Winx in the corner.
  • Sean Schemmel, the 4Kids voice actor for Valtor (Baltor), returns to lend his voice to one of the merman guards.
  • This episode's correct production code is 502.
  • This is the third time the Trix have teamed up with a main villain.
  • The Rise of Tritannus full episode was re-uploaded or uploaded onto Nickelodeon USA site.


  • Many Alfea fairies, who should not be on Earth can be seen during a farewell concert.
  • When the Winx are converging, Bloom's wings are shaped slightly different.


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