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WOW2-1 (A Touch of Magic)
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The Spill

Scene: Outside the Frutti Music Bar

Bloom: Whoo hoo! Hello, Gardenia.

  • Dragon Flame swirling around her.*

Aisha: Woo hoo!
Bloom: Make it pop, Aisha!
Aisha: Morphix!

  • She creates a Morphix bubble around her and she jumps on it.*

Stella: We are the Winx!
Flora: Hey everybody!
Tecna: Recording.
Aisha: Here I go! Woo... Yeah!... Alright!
Stella: Sweet!
Flora: Way to go, Aisha.
Aisha: Show the crowd some love, Flora.
Flora: Okay.

  • Sprinkles pollen, which grows into flowers.*

Crowd: Check it out. Awesome. So beautiful.
Kiko: Ahhh, Auhh! Ohhh, Ahh!
Bloom: Musa, Crank it up!
Musa: Sonic Blast!
Bloom: Tell your mom, Tell your dad, Tell everybody you know, Winx Club band on the beach tomorrow night!
Tecna: Live Stream!
Bloom: Fire Dragon!
Crowd: Woooaaahhh!

  • Fireworks cracking.*

Scene: Inside the Frutti Music Bar

Roxy: Great show you guys, I bet you could see it all across Gardenia. Here you go Kiko, carrot juice!
Bloom: Yeah, Thanks a lot for hosting it here, Roxy.
Roxy: It'll be a great way to spend my last day at the Frutti Music Bar
Bloom: Last day?, What?!
Roxy: I got into Alfea!
Bloom: Roxy, That's wonderful!
Roxy: I couldn't have. done it without you, Bloom. You were there for me, Just like... a big sister

  • Flashback.*

Daphne: You've come a long way, Bloom.
Bloom: I couldn't have done it without you, Daphne.
Daphne: I think you could, But i will always try to help you, Bloom.
Bloom: I just wish i could do something for you, my big sister.

  • Flashback ends.*

Bloom: Oh, Daphne.
Roxy: Bloom, are you okay?
Bloom: Fine.
Flora: Let's get some air.

Scene: Gardenia's Beach

Bloom: Hah!
Flora: What was that?
Tecna: Something's not right out there... Look!
Worker: She's in the red. We're pushing this rig too hard, boss.
Foreman: We gotta make our quarter.
Worker: If we keep get going like this, there could be a spill.
Foreman: Let me worry about that. You just do your job, or I'll just find someone who can.
Tecna: No leaks detected.
Flora: You know, there are thousands of oil rigs operating on Earth's oceans.
Bloom: Well, at least we can keep an eye on this one.

Scene: Gardenia's Street

Sky: Ohh.. Ohh
Brandon: What's up with you, Sky? And what's in the box?
Sky: It's the Pendant of Eraklyon.
Brandon: Oh! Another royal trinket.
Sky: No. It's more than that. Whenever a ruler of Eraklyon presents the pendant to his true love, they both have good luck and happiness for the rest of their lives. I'm gonna give it to Bloom.
Brandon: Oh? I see.
Sky: I just don't want to lose it.

Scene: Inside the Frutti Music Bar

Bloom: Aisha, you put on quite a show.
Musa: Yeah!
Flora: That's right!
Brandon: Ladies, we have arrived!
Bloom: Hello, Sky.
Stella: We were wondering where you were.
Musa: Did you catch our show?
Bloom: You got a haircut.
Sky: Yeah!
Stella: I see you're still going to the royal barber?
Sky: What does that mean?
Musa: You know, hats are in this year.
Riven: Hahaha.
Bloom: You guys! They're teasing. I think it looks great.
Helia: For you.
Flora: Oh Heila!
Timmy: I got this off your live feed.
Brandon: And for Princess Stella, something special.
Stella: How nice! Thank you, Brandon. *Coughs.* Carrot juice?!
Brandon: Carrot juice?
Stella: Carrot juice!
Brandon: Sorry, sweetie.
Bloom: It's been such a wonderful summer. Don't you think?
Sky: Yeah. I'm just sorry I had to spend so much of it on Eraklyon.
Bloom: That's okay. You are crowned prince after all.
Sky: My father's gonna handle things while I get back to training at Red Fountain. No more crown prince-ing for me this year.
Bloom: Hey. What did you want to talk with me about?
Sky: Oh! Well... ugh... ughm... Bloom... ughm... well... you see... I wanted to...
Musa: Hey Bloom! What do you think of this?
Bloom: Wow!
Flora: Uh... Is that for Bloom?
Sky: Yes.
Flora: You know...
Sky: Maybe I should I wait?
Flora: Yeah. Until it's just the two of you.
Bloom: Where's Aisha?
Aisha: Oh Nabu, I miss you *Sobs.*
Flora: Hey! here she is.
Bloom: Aisha, you okay?
Aisha: Fabulous, just waiting for Tressa to call me from the coronation.
Tecna: It's today, right?
Aisha: Yup, today is the big day. Tressa's gonna send me the live video, we'll see everything as it happens!
Bloom: Oh that's Tressa. I remember her.
Aisha: My uncle King Neptune, and my aunt Queen Ligea and the twins, my cousins Nereus and Tritannus.
Stella: Oh man, they are gorgeous!
Musa: Wait, few at least that one *Pointing to Nereus.*
Aisha: Nereus, totally and a complete sweety, but Tritannus, well he's kind of a physco. My uncle, Neptune would pick one of them today,to be the next king!
Timmy: Have me missed anything?
Riven: Relax, Timmy it's not like you're gonna get the crown.
Aisha: Anyway, look's like we're right on time.

  • Picks the phone.*

Aisha: Cousin Tressa! Hey guys! The ceremony is about to begin.

Scene: Throne Room

Tressa: Cousin Aisha! I am so excited!
Aisha: Me too, Tressa and we are all here! *Turns the phone toward the Winx.*
Tressa: Hey, guys welcome to king Neptune's throne room! Things are just about to get started!
Mermaids: I am sure King Neptune, is going to pick Nereus! He's so great and Tritannus is so not.
A Mysterious Man: Huh, and Tritannus is so not, you'll be sorry, very sorry!
Nereus: Father, I can't find Tritannus anywhere.
King Neptune: Then we must go forward without him.
Nereus: But father...
King Neptune: He has made his choice, my son. And now, without your brother the coronation will begin. Citizens of the oceans of Andros. Friends, families, the time has come for you to greet your next king. By the powers of the ocean of Andros, by the might of our waves and by the strength of our courage.
Stella: Here comes the best part!
King Neptune: All hail Nereus!
Crowd: Nereus! Nereus!
Neptune: My son, come forward, I name you Nereus, crown prince and the next king of the oceans of Andros. *Suddenly someone attacked King Neptune.*
Neptune: What? Who dare to attack a king?

  • The crowd starts running.*

Scene: Inside the Frutti Music Bar

Lemmy: Princess Tressa!
Stella: Huh?
Bloom: What happened?

Scene: Throne Room

Nereus: Everybody! Stay calm!

  • The mysterious man attacks Nereus.*

Ligea: Huh...
Neptune: No! Arrest him guards! Stop him!

  • The mysterious man knocks the guards to ground.*

Tressa: Hey you!
Ligea: Tressa, No! You run know! Huh...
Neptune: Everyone step back, huh, you will not hurt my son!
Mysterious Man: Your son?!

  • King Neptune defeats him and his mask comes out.*

Neptune: Tritannus?
Crowd: Tritannus? How could he? Oh no.
Tritannus: I am your son to, but you picked my brother.
Neptune: Because he would be a better king than you!
Tritannus: For this I'll destroy all of you!
Neptune: Just what I expected from you, guards take him to the prison of Andros. Lock him in a dungeon soon, he will never escape it.

Scene: Inside the Frutti Music Bar

Flora: What's happening?
Aisha: I am not sure, looks like there's kind of disturbance...
Stella: Well, whatever is going on there, I am sure King Neptune can handle it.
Aisha: Come on, Tressa. Pick up!
Sky: Hey, Bloom.

  • He takes out the pendent of Erakylon, but Bloom rushes out after hearing some noises from outside.*

Scene: Oil Rig

Riven: What's that?
Worker: Look out!
Foreman: Don't panic, get to the boat.

  • The pipes start to leak.*

Worker: Shut it down! Shut it down!

Scene: Gardenia's Beach

Bloom: Come on! You guys! It's coming from out there!
Flora: Oil! Oil, is spilling in the ocean.

  • Tecna checks her phone.*

Tecna: Oh no! The oil rig! They are very high structures, a large amount of oil is flowing into the water and the rig is on fire...
Bloom: Okay Winx! We have got to rescue the workers on the rig and stop this spill. Flora are you okay to go?
Flora: Yes.
Aisha: We need to get out there.
Sky: We'll catch you up.
Roxy: I wanna go too.
Bloom: Sorry Roxy, I need you to stay here and I need you to look after people on the beach.
Roxy: Okay Bloom.
Winx: Magic Winx, Believix!

  • Believix transformation.*

Bloom: Bloom, Fairy of the Dragon Flame!
Aisha: Aisha, Fairy of Waves!
Stella: Fairy of the Shining Sun!
Musa: Musa, Fairy of Music!
Tecna: Tecna, Fairy of Technology!
Flora: Flora, Fairy of Nature!

  • End of transformation.*

Scene: Oil Rig

  • The girls fly to the rig, with the Specialists following behind them.*

Bloom: There's the rig!
Stella: There's so much smoke!
Bloom: I am going in. Flaming Armor!

  • Bloom encases herself with the armor and dives into the flames.*
  • She looks around for the workers.*

Workers: Help us! Help!

  • She exits the flames.*

Bloom: I found the workers. 
Aisha: We'll handle the oil.

  • Aisha, Flora and Tecna head for the oil spills.*

Stella: We'll go with you Bloom.
Musa: Okay.
Sky: We got your backs Winx!
Bloom: Right, let's go!

  • The remaining three fairies and Specialists flies closer to the rig.*
  • Aisha, Flora and Tecna arrive at the spill.*

Aisha: The pipes!

  • The pipes continue spilling an enormous amount of oil.*

Aisha: We've gotta stop the flow of oil. Let's go!
Bloom: Fire Magic!

  • Bloom shots a beam at the flames and removes some of it.*

Workers: Somebody help us!
Bloom: Stella, I need your help.
Stella: On it!

  • Stella flies to the stranded workers.*

Stella: Stay calm! I'll keep the flames back. Double Eclipse!

  • Stella places a dome shield around her and the workers.*
  • A crane that has been weakened by the flames starts collapsing.*

Worker: Hurry, it's falling!

  • Musa flies in front of the cane.*

Musa: Harmonic Attack!

  • She blasts sound waves which blasts the falling crane away.*
  • A worker waving his hands frantically.*

Worker: Get me out of here!
Brandon: You got it.
Bloom: Fire catcher!
Brandon: Let's go, Timmy!
Timmy: Hang on. Whoop..
Tecna: The spill, it's growing Techno Shock collects the oil from the lake. Now, Oil Delete!
Aisha: Nice work, Tecna.
Flora: Constricting Vines!
Bloom: Fire Catcher!
Musa: Bloom, look!
Foreman: Help, somebody help me!
Musa: There are they.
Riven: Don't worry. Uh!
Musa: Show off!

  • The scene changes to Flora and Aisha.*

Flora: Did I stop it? It's still leaking underwater..
Aisha: Stay there Flora, I got It. Underwater Breath! Ugh! My wings huh.

  • The scene changes to Bloom, Stella and Sky.*

Bloom: Look's like that's everybody.
Stella: Not quite. Look!

  • The foreman is still left on the boat.*

Bloom: Sky, the foreman.
Sky: Hey, Come on.
Foreman: Don't leave me here!

  • The foreman accidentally skips but Sky catches him.*

Sky: Oh No!

  • The pendant of Erakylon fells in the lake, Sky looses his control and with the foreman falls in the lake.*

Bloom: Sky!

  • Bloom catches Sky on time.*

Sky: We have to save the Foreman.
Bloom: It's all over Aisha.
Aisha: The lake. Morphix!

  • She shoots a Morphix bubble towards the leaking pipe, suddenly she see's the foreman and tries to get him out.*

Sky: I'll carry him, Aisha.
Aisha: The pipes underwater are leaking, we have got to stop them.
Bloom: We need to contain the oil and purify the water. We're going to have to converge.
Musa and Tecna: Purifying Wind!
Bloom and Aisha: Crystal Water!
Stella and Flora: Green Burst!
Winx: Winx Convergence!

  • They turn the oil rig into a Eco-friendly building.*

Bloom: Nice work, Winx!
Tecna: And it's all green technology!
Bloom: And natural water filter.
Tecna: Powered by solar and wind energy!
Flora: Oh, we didn't get it all there's a flow of oil underwater spreading out into the ocean.
Bloom: Yes, but we have done all we can do for now, we have got to get the workers safe.

Scene: Gardenia's Beach

Vanessa: We came as soon as we heard the news.
Flora: We did so much but it still wasn't enough.

  • The scene changes to Sky.*

Sky: Hum, Brandon, I lost it.
Tecna: The oil from this rig could pollute thousands of miles of ocean.
Bloom: But now magic is back on earth and on it's oceans.
Stella: So pollution and magic could mix? Sounds like big trouble.
Vanessa: Do you think the oil from the spill would wash up on our beach?
Mike: It might, honey.
Bloom: I have got an idea, why don't we make tomorrows concert a benefit, to preserve the earth's oceans and gardenia's beaches.
Stella: Oh cool!
Musa: Yay!

Scene: Andros' Prison

Guard: Put him in the cell next to those trouble-makers from Magix.
Tritannus: No!
Witch No #1: Tritannus, right? We have heard of you.
Witch No #2: You are the one who tried to take the title of crown prince from your own brother.
Witch No #3: We like you already.
Tritannus: Who are you? Tell me.

  • Laughs.*

Trix: We are the Trix! *Continues laughing.*


Narrator: In the prison of Andros, Tritannus absorbs toxic pollution and becomes a horrible monster. With the Trix, he heads to Earth to find more pollution and become even more powerful. Will the Winx succeed foiling his plan?

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