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The Frozen Tower

Scene: Aurora's tower

Morgana: North Fairy!
Aurora: Here I am, Queen Morgana.
Morgana: It's good to see you, Aurora.
Aurora: What's wrong?
Morgana: Diana the Amazon Fairy failed to stop the Winx! She also tried to convince me that human have the ability to change.
Aurora: The Winx seem very unsure word.
Morgana: We must take it in front ourselves to defeat the Wizards to unsure line.
Aurora: But the human are just the casualties of the Wizards! We can't attack Sibylla's cave but we can force the Winx to deliver them to us.
Morgana: Then so be it! But...
Aurora: What?
Morgana: The youngest fairy Roxy knows unsure line. Understood?
Aurora: Alright. But Sibylla the Fairy of Justice better not interfere!

  • Aurora summons ice energy*

Aurora: Ice spirits, I command you! Go and hold in your unsure word, anything or anyone who crosses your path. Make the human world unsure line. Go, frost and de-freeze!

  • The sea water starts frozen*

Scene: Gardenia Park

  • Stella sneezes*

Stella: Girls, are you getting cold?
Flora: You're right! That feels a little chilly. Maybe it's because the sun is going down.
Tecna: C'mon guys! Don't change the subject. We gotta come up with the name for the band.
Roxy: How 'bout "The Winx"?
Layla: Now that we have a real contract with the huge record (unsure word), we can't just be called "the six girls in the (unsure word)"...
Tecna: We need a name like "Winx", but with a little more... "S"?
Stella: How about "The Tonic Blonds"?
Musa: Stella, the name has to work for everybody, not just you!

  • People laugh*

Musa: I really appreciated what you did for us at the Frutti Music Bar.
Riven: My pleasure! I hope you get everything you wish for! Really.
Musa: What a nice thing to say.
Riven: You seem surprised by that.
Musa: Please, Riven. I just need more time to think, that's all.
Riven: Okay.

  • Musa and Riven walk away*

Nabu: You was fantastic the other night at the Frutti Music Bar!
Layla: Thanks!
Nabu: Of course. I'm probably a little... spiced.
Layla: Oh really? And what made you feel that way?
Nabu: You, my love!

  • Layla laughs and Nabu and Layla hug

Sky: I like the name "The Tonic Blonds".
Bloom: Really?
Sky: No!
Bloom: Hey!
Sky: I'm really happy but your recording contract is super sonic.
Bloom: It's so funny! It all started with us trying to help Musa!
Sky: I'm sure your future hosts many wonderful surprises!

  • The wind blows*

Sky: What the...?
Bloom: It's really cold!

  • Artu barks*

Roxy: Quiet Artu! Calm down!

  • Nebula appears*

Nebula: Hello Winx.
Roxy: Nebula!

  • The Winx and Specialists run to Roxy*

Nebula: I come here to give you a message, not to fight! It's a message from Morgana! If you don't bring the Wizards of the Black Circle to Morgana, then you'll suffer the revenge of the second nature fairy, Aurora the Fairy of the North.
Layla: Morgana already unsure word. She doesn't scare us.
Nebula: Her score is not being unleashed against you, but against the human's cities.
Tecna: It's being unleashed?
Musa: Do you mean it already started?
Nebula: That's right! And only you can stop this.

  • Nebula shows the freezing place*

Bloom: It's terrible!
Nebula: The Northern sea starts to freeze! Soon the ice will advance even further… Until the whole planet is covered in one big glacier!
Bloom: You tell Morgana we've already ruined her plan once and we can do it again!
Nebula: Urg! There is no more time to talk! You Winx deliver the Wizards of the Black Circle or you'll doom your beloved planet!

  • Nebula disappears*

Scene: Sibylla's Cave

Rustic Fairy #1: Look like the temperature is even higher!

  • She uses her magic on Duman*

Sibylla: Duman is getting worse! Not even our magic can find the mysteriousness!
Duman: The Black Circle will unsure line.
Rustic Fairy #1: What did he say?
Ogron: He just needs to rest!
Anagan: If he gets worse, we'll let you know!

  • Sibylla and the Rustic Fairies leave*

Gantlos: Unsure script.
Anagan: The fairies are already suspicious. We gotta watch ourselves.
Ogron: I don't like this place.
Gantlos: But it's the safest place to be. Unsure scripts. The Fairy of Justice welcomes and protects all who come to her door.
Ogron: Soon I'll unsure script. Until then, gentlemen, we must be unsure script.

Scene: Gardenia Park

Sky: We need to find this Fairy of the North.
Bloom: No, Sky. You can't. We're the only one who can stop Aurora.
Musa: Bloom's right. We knew we had a great challenge to face.
Bloom: We knew that by protecting the Wizards, we'd encrust Morgana's wrath and bring a whole lot of trouble.
Sky: Please, Bloom, just remember...
Bloom: Be careful, keep your eyes open and unsure words danger.
Sky: Wow! You can even read my mind now?
Bloom: No. But you do tend to repeat yourself.
Brandon: Well, we'd better go. They need unsure words at the Fruiti Music Bar.
Roxy: Artu is going with you. I can't take him on the mission. Alright boy, be good, okay?

  • The Specialists and Artu leave*

Morgana: Roxy! Roxy! I need to talk to you. Please don't resist me. I want to help you.

  • Flora runs back*

Flora: Roxy! Is everything OK?

  • Flora hugs Roxy, the Winx run back*

Roxy: Yes, don't worry. I'm fine now. Just unsure words.

Scene: Love & Pet Shop

Bloom: Miss Faragonda, the dark wizards have gathered all their magic energy into this Black Circle. They don't have any power left now. Ogron gave it to me and asked me to give it to Morgana, as a sign of surrender.

  • The group look at the Black Circle*

Faragonda: This would be unacceptable for her. After all, unsure word those wizards unsure words too easily. I'm afraid unsure scripts.
Bloom: Exactly. So do we confront Morgana or give it to her black mail for everybody's safety?
Faragonda: It's a different choice, Bloom. I think you're seeking my approval, not my choice would be.
Flora: What do you mean, Headmistress?
Faragonda: In your heart, you have already made the decision by the courage and intelligence you've always been preceded. These qualities are in hand of the second Gift of Destiny. The Ethereal Fairies give the Gift of Heart, the Lovix. Follow your heart, you can go on.
Winx: Winx Believix!

  • Belivix transformation*

Bloom: Winx Zoomix!

  • Zoomix sequences*

Bloom: Winx Zoomix!

  • Zoomix sequences*

Bloom: Let's go pay the North fairies of this.

  • Bloom holds Roxy's hand, the group teleport to the North*

Scene: The North

Flora: Look!

  • The Winx take a look from what Flora points*

Flora: Good thing we find this thing doesn't happen in the Magic Dimension. The consequence would be disaster!
Musa: I guess you’re right. Earth is the most-contain-temperatory, the perfect setting for them.
Tecna: That's why it's so important that Ogron and the Wizards stay in Sibylla's cave. It's the safest place!
Bloom: You're right. Even Morgana respects the fact that Sibylla's cave is the safe-saver.
Morgana: Come to me Roxy! We both know you can't deny your destiny. Your friends will fall, only you will survive. I will be waiting for you.
Tecna: The palace of Aurora the North Fairy is the ice tower. Unsure scripts. We should be there soon.

  • Layla flies ahead*

Layla: Hey! Look over there!
Bloom: It's another cargo ship stuck in the ice...
Musa: Quiet!
Voice: Help! Help me!
Musa: I think I can hear the voice!
Bloom: Let's go, Winx!

Scene: Cargo Ship

  • The Winx land in the cargo ship*

Stella: Where are the cruise?

  • Bloom and Layla fly ahead*

Bloom: Maybe that scream was just an illusion...
Voice: Help!
Bloom: Opps! Unsure word the last word...

  • One of the cruise is covered by the ice monsters. The voice they heard is from that man*

Man #1: Help me!

  • The monsters also notice the appearance of the Winx. An ice monster catches Layla’s leg*

Bloom: Fire Arrow!
Roxy: Watch out! Enchanted Cloak!
Tecna: You're gonna request making it angry!
Musa: Stereo Crash!
Layla: Well done Musa.

  • An ice monster grabs Bloom’s leg*

Bloom: I'll be back soon girls. Don't go away!

  • Bloom’s body starts being covered in ice shards, she uses fire to melt the ice and the monster*

Stella: See Bloom? There were more. Solar Storm! Bye bye iceman!
Roxy: Wolf Talon!
Flora: Well done!
Tecna: Techno Shock! Now let's deal with the rest of them!
Bloom: Get ready to hit the ground, girls. Now! Dragon Heart!

  • The girls hit the ground, Layla gets the man hit the ground, too. The ice monsters are destroyed and ice around the ship is melt*

Man #2: Thank you. You saved us. You freed us!
Man #1: Three days ago, our ship got trapped in the ice, then those creatures came and we had to lock ourselves inside.
Man #3: In all my journeys, I have never seen anything like it...
Layla: This must be some of the North fairies' handy work!
Bloom: You're right.

  • Bloom creates the fire spirits, Tecna goes inside the ship*

Bloom: You can use these spirits to warm you up, and also to defend yourselves in case those creatures come back. They'll keep you warm till you're rescued.
Tecna: And you can call for the rescue now 'cause I've just fixed your all voice radios. All of these work come from wires into magic.
Man #1: We really don't know how to thank you.
Bloom: You're doing it by believing in us.

  • The Winx heads to Aurora's ice tower*

Scene: Ice Tower

Stella: You know if we seek more profited persons...
Tecna: That's the North fairies' palace.

  • The ice monsters and the polar bears roar*

Layla: It's gonna be hard to get closer.
Musa: What do we do now?
Roxy: Leave it to me. Wild Heartbeat!

  • The polar bears attack the ice monsters*

Roxy: There! That's all by the tame.

  • Roxy flies first. The ice monsters shoot icicles at the Winx*

Bloom: We need help! The Gift of Heart will help us find the courage! Winx Lovix!

  • Lovix transformation*

Bloom: Ice Flame!
Musa: Snow Melody!
Flora: Untamable Nature!
Stella: Crystal Light!
Tecna: Chill Breath!
Layla: Hail Ray!

  • All the outside ice monsters are destroyed. Roxy smiles*

Scene: Inside Ice Tower

  • The Winx get inside the ice tower*

Bloom: Let's go, girls! We already have a pretty good idea what to look for, don't we?
Tecna: It's not the first time we come up a nature fairy. Each of them has an energy source hidden in some dark, unreachable places.
Bloom: Just like it worked with Diana, the North fairies will be how going to.
Layla: Is it just me or have we already walked by here?
Musa: Good question. This cordon is almost the same.
Tecna: I'm afraid we're caught in an ice maze.

  • The ice monsters appear*

Bloom: You go on! We'll deal with them!

  • The girls leave*

Stella: Crystal Light!

  • Layla points a direction*

Layla: This way.
Tecna: Watch out!

  • The Arctic fairies shoot out icicles*

Flora: Untamable Nature!
Tecna: Chill Breath!
Layla: Now is our turn, Roxy! Hail Ray!
Roxy: Take that!

  • The Winx fly away. The Arctic fairies are after them but suddenly leave the chase*

Morgana: Come, join me Roxy! Now is the perfect time! Get rid of these intruders! Turn against them!
Layla: What's wrong, Roxy?
Tecna: Girls, don't you think those warriors gave up the chase a little too easily?
Musa: I'm not waiting around to find out. Let's go.

  • Musa enters an entrance*

Stella: What's wrong, Bloom?
Bloom: Those creatures gave up the fight a bit too quickly.
Stella: You may be right. But why would they do that?
Bloom: I'll give you the reason: It's a trap to get us all in here.
Tecna: Of course! We now unsure word exact of the maze, there's no way out of here!

  • The ice monsters and Arctic fairies enter the center of the maze*

Arctic Fairy #1: Welcome, Winx!
Morgana: Now, Roxy! Join me and you'll be safe! Nobody will ever hurt you.
Roxy: Thanks, Morgana. Stop! If you hit them, you also hit me!
Arctic Fairy #1: Get backward!

  • The ice monsters get backward*

Bloom: It's working, Roxy! Whatever you're doing...
Roxy: Trust me. We have to join our power together and nothing will happen to us.
Winx: Magic Convergence.

  • The Arctic fairies and the ice monsters get away. The Winx enter the hole on the top*

Aurora: You did very well, Winx. I'm Aurora the North Fairy. I've heard incredible things about you and now I know they're true.
Flora: You must stop this punishment. Stop the ice now! Morgana's vengeance must end!
Aurora: Well I'm holding in my hand the Blizzard, my magic energy source. In a simple more drop, there's power enough to freeze the whole universe. Legend says that only those with the coldest hearts make it exist.

  • Bloom and Stella fly closer to Aurora*

Aurora: Don't come closer. I sense that you have a great fire power inside. I don't want an ice and fire fight, so please, let me take the Blizzard and run far away, and I'll spare your precious Earth.
Stella: What does that mean?
Bloom: Who guarantee that you'll keep your words?
Roxy: The warrior fairies... They're running away!
Bloom: You was just distracting us so the fairies could leave the palace!
Aurora: You catch on a little too late, my dears. You’re the only one who trapped inside of here.

  • Aurora uses her power*

Layla: There's no way out!
Bloom: What do you intend to do?
Aurora: You'll just have to wait. You'll get the ends soon enough. Your problems are just beyond.

  • Aurora disappears, the palace is shaking. The Winx fall down as the tower is moving*

Musa: The tower is moving!
Bloom: What's wrong with Roxy?

  • Roxy is shaking*

Tecna: Her temperatures are dropping rapidly.
Stella: If she doesn't warm up soon, she can freeze to dead.

  • The Winx get close to Roxy*

Bloom: I'm afraid we have no other choice...

  • Nebula appears and laughs*

Nebula: Looks like you'll have to reconsider Morgana's offer now, doesn't it Winx?