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The Enchanted Island is the seventeenth episode of the fourth season of Winx Club.


After deciding to form a band, the Winx take a trip to the mysterious island of Tir Nan Og, which contains the portal to the Earth fairies' realm. Each Winx is tricked by mirages that threaten to keep them off track.


The Winx girls travel to the island from Roxy's vision, the mystical world of Tir Nan Og sealed within the White Circle. They arrive at Tir Nan Og, and Roxy has a headache. Because of this, they put in the tent, and Aisha uses her morphix power to defend her from any outside danger. While she is in the tent, she dreams of Morgana. And this time they are inside a place full of bubbles. Soon, she wakes up and is taken by the dark force. 


Dragon Wing.

At the forest, Bloom suggests to split up to find the prison faster, and use their magic to tell the others. Bloom, Musa, and Flora are with each other. Stella, Aisha, and Tecna are together. They split up and continue to walk. While Musa and Bloom are talking, the vines start to take Flora. And when the two look behind themselves, Flora is nowhere to be found.  

In Stella's group, Stella complains that they should use their wings to get to the prison faster, but Tecna tells her that if they use their wings, someone will know that they're there. While Aisha is mountain climbing, she sees the mermaids. She quickly dives into the sea and introduces herself. Unfortunately, the mermaids turns into the dark force Roxy saw, and it takes her. Tecna sees the whole incident, so she looks at her back if Stella is there. But unfortunately, she is not. She looks everywhere for Stella and finally finds her looking at a half-naked, muscular man by the bushes. The man goes out of the bushes and the two witness that he is a centaur. The centaur turns into the dark force and takes the both of them.

Back at Bloom's group, they continue walking. Bloom sees the bushes moving, so she goes towards it. She sees a very beautiful unicorn. She is mesmerized by its beauty, and Musa told her that unicorn does not exist. The unicorn turns into the dark force and takes them.

They wake up in the prison, where the Earth Fairies are. They find themselves together. They transform into their Believix and converge to free themselves. They fly out and see the Worm-like dark force. It then splits into four and transforms into two dark mermaids, one dark centaur, and one dark unicorn. The dark mermaids keep on using their hypertonic and supersonic voice against Flora and Aisha. To finish the mermaids, Musa from their back attacks them. The mermaids fall down and leave the three. The unicorn and Centaur attack Bloom, Stella, Tecna, and Roxy. They decide that Bloom and Roxy are going to find the center of the prison. The battle continues. The creatures return into one and attack the five. 

Bloom uses her Speedix, then she grabs Roxy. They fly to the center and successfully put the White Circle to its place. The doors are unlocked and the creature disappears. 

White Circle - Episode 417 (1)

Roxy inserts the White Circle.

They all go out of the prison. The Winx, including Roxy, introduce themselves to the Queen of the Earth Fairies and to the others. They also find out who is Nebula. Morgana proposes to the Winx to join them in taking revenge against the human beings and to the Wizards of the Black Circle. The seven refuse, leaving Morgana quite mad. She tells the seven that tomorrow, they will start their vengeance and start to make Roxy agree to their plans.

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  • In numerous scenes, Stella's outer wings are blue instead of pink.


"From this day on the realm of vengeance begins, vengeance against the Wizards of the Black circle who hunted us and stole our freedom.