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Winx Club Forever! is the eleventh episode in the fourth season of Winx Club.


The Winx take on a super hero approach to convince the people of Gardenia to believe in them. Meanwhile, the Winx face some troubles of their own when disagreements split them apart.


The Wizards of the Black Circle spy on Roxy and try to hatch a plan to get the White Circle. They break into her house and she warns the Winx before the Wizards of the Black Circle can get her. The Winx arrive and successfully use their Zoomix wings to teleport Roxy to a safe place. Aisha then leaves to go to Nabu.

Bloom starts teaching Roxy how to use her power and control it. Musa is still upset about how Riven acted back in her audition. Flora and Musa had a flashback on how they try to convince people to believe in magic. The Winx are having a lot of trouble introducing magic to the world.

Stella, Flora, Tecna and Musa hugs each other causing Bloom's concentration to be interrupted.

Meanwhile, Nabu and Aisha are dating, he propose her to be his forever girlfriend. Aisha honorably accepts his proposal.

The Winx are having trouble on their mission in Gardenia and discuss on their way back to the Love & Pet Shop. While walking along the streets of Gardenia, Tecna saw a poster about a superhero, and so, she suggests that they should act as superheroes to attract people believe in magic. The Winx agree and go to the town along with Roxy as superheroes. 

The Winx begin to lose confidence but they learn the Acrobat Thieves robbed another store and the radio thinks of the Winx as girls with wings. When Aisha comes in, Stella accuses Aisha of caring about Nabu more than the Winx and Aisha storms off.

The Winx go shopping and as they leave the store, the Acrobat Thieves strike again. They think of leaving the problem to the police, but after they take a hostage, they transform and fight them. They use their Believix powers to stop them and Roxy tells Artu she wants to be just like them.

The Winx go and relax at the Frutti Music Bar and decide to keep being superheroes.

Major Events

  • Nabu proposes to Aisha and she accepts.
  • Aisha and Stella get into an argument.
  • Roxy learns how she can use her power to make Artu talk for the first time.
  • The Winx try being superheroes to get people to believe in magic.
  • Aisha and Stella forgive each other.
  • Roxy's magic is getting stronger.


Spells Used

  • Dragon Wing - Used by Bloom twice, first to help Roxy fly without transforming, then against the bank robber, but failed.
  • Breath of the World - Used by Flora to make the woman respect nature.
  • Bright Heart - Used by Musa to convince the guy to keep loving music.
  • Spirit of Courage - Used by Aisha to help the girl break free from the bank robber.
  • Gem of Mind - Used by Tecna to help the bank robbers realize the good in themselves.
  • Strength of Life - Used by Bloom along with Gem of Mind to make the bank robbers believe in magic.
  • Dawn of Light - Used by Stella to make the polices believe in magic.



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  • Ironically, the Winx were forced to keep their powers under wraps in the first three seasons when on Earth, but now in the fourth season, they need to flaunt their magic on Earth at every opportunity in order to gain more power. Trying to convince people of the existence of magic was harder than trying to hide it.
  • Nick's title for the episode, "Superheroes", might be a reference to the episode, or the song that is played in the ending credits.

Differences Between Cinélume and Nickelodeon

  • In the Cinélume dub, Nabu proposes to Aisha, but in the Nickelodeon dub, he asks her to be his "forever girlfriend".



Roxy helps Tecna find out more about superheroes.

  • After the blackout when Tecna asks Roxy about superheroes, Roxy is still behind Tecna. But in the next shot a second later, she is coming down the stairs behind Bloom.
  • When the girls transformed in the mall to stop the thieves, Aisha was seen transforming, even though she was not with the girls at the time.
  • When Roxy talks to the Winx at the Frutti Music bar, her green pert on her shoulder is the color of her skin.
  • When two bank robbers stole a blue car Flora and Stella are trying to stop them but when Flora uses her Summer Thunder the color is red.


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