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The White Circle is the eighth episode of the fourth season of Winx Club.


A sequence of photos from Roxy's photo album sends her and the Winx to an old country house, with the Wizards close behind. There they make an important discovery that will help them fight the Wizards, but is it too late to try?


After another day at Love & Pet, the Winx get a phone call from Roxy claiming something strange is happening. At her home, the girls discover some old photos arranged in a certain order; including one of an old farm.


The next day the girls go to visit the farm in hopes of finding an answer, with the Wizards of the Black Circle following them, but then realize it is now owned by a man named Batson. After a short fight with the Wizards, Roxy discovers a White Circle within the barn which had caught fire.

White Circle - Episode 408 (1)

Roxy finds the White Circle.

Realizing what it is, she uses it to summon the creatures of the forest who come to her aid, scaring the Wizards away. Seeing that Mr. Baston has been injured by the Wizards, the Winx decide to cure him and Flora restores the forest to its original beauty. Mr. Baston now believes in fairies, and the Winx return to the Frutti Music Bar with the Specialists and a sing-out between Stella and Mitzi takes place. On an ending note, Musa receives a card from a man named Jason Queen, a record producer.

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  • In the Italian dub, Stella mentions that her driver's licence was revoked because she caused several car crashes.
  • This episode marks the first and only appearance (in Believix form) of Fairy Dust in Season 4.
    • It also marks its final appearance in the series.


  • In one scene, Tecna's gloves are missing. 
  • in one scene as Mark talks to Aisha, Roxy can be seen in the background in her pajamas. 
  • In the Cinélume version, during the title card, the word "White" was spelled incorrectly as "Withe". This was later corrected.


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