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The Last Fairy on Earth is the third episode of the fourth season of Winx Club.


The Winx move to Gardenia to find the last fairy on Earth. In order to earn money, the Winx open Love & Pet, a magic pet shop. Their new furry friends help plant the seed of believing in magic on Gardenia.


The Winx arrive in Gardenia to live with Bloom's adoptive parents, but soon realize that the arrangement won't work. They try out many jobs to pay their own way, but thanks to Stella, they are fired from each and every one of them.

However Mr. Roney who happened to be at the places where the Winx got fired, offer them a job to sort out flawed stuffed animals. With a little help from Flora's magic, the stuffed animals become alive and, they discover many new, surprising, magical friends.

Bloom suggests that the people of Gardenia could adopt the little pets and hopefully show people that magic is real. Bloom also mentions how this can bring them closer to finding the last fairy on Earth.

With the help of Vanessa, the Winx are able to open their own pet shop, Love & Pet. Each girl has their own job: Stella, who grooms and dresses the pets, Flora, who is in charge of the pets health and diet, Aisha, who is in charge of the pets physical activity, Musa, who teaches music to the pets, Tecna, who looks over the website that allows those to adopt pets online, and Bloom who welcomes the clients.

Roxy, the last fairy on Earth, is introduced when she passes by the Winx's shop while walking her dog. She seems very interested in the pets, but walks away due to the rudeness of Stella. She presses her hand against the window which sends a powerful burst of positive energy.

The Winx feel this energy, and think the Wizards of the Black Circle have found them. They all transform into Enchantix fairies and try to find the Wizards but fail.

Major Events

  • The Winx start up the "Love & Pet" store.
  • Roxy and Artu are introduced in this episode.
  • The Winx arrive in Gardenia to find the last fairy on Earth.



Spells Used


Voice Cast


  • Letizia Ciampa as Bloom
  • Perla Liberatori as Stella
  • Ilaria Latini as Flora
  • Laura Lenghi as Aisha
  • Domitilla D'Amico as Tecna
  • Gemma Donati as Musa
  • Raffaella Castelli as Daphne
  • Alessandro Quarta as Sky
  • Massimiliano Alto as Brandon
  • Mirko Mazzanti as Riven
  • Francesco Pezzulli as Helia
  • Corrado Confronti as Timmy
  • Sasha De Toni as Nabu
  • Roberto Certomà as Mike
  • Debora Magnaghi as Roxy
  • Ivan Andreani as Artu


  • Angela Galluppo as Bloom
  • Jennifer Seguin as Stella
  • Holly Gauthier-Frankel as Flora
  • Anik Mattern as Musa
  • Jodie Resther as Tecna
  • Lucinda Davis as Aisha
  • Sarah Camacho as Roxy
  • Danny Brochu as Sky
  • Mark Hauser as Brandon
  • Martin Watier as Helia
  • Mitchell Rothpan as Riven
  • Michael Tarmush as Timmy
  • Todd Fenell as Nabu


  • Molly C. Quinn as Bloom
  • Amy Gross as Stella
  • Alejandra Reyonso as Flora
  • Romi Dames as Musa
  • Morgan Decker as Tecna
  • Keke Palmer as Aisha
  • Liliana Mumy as Roxy
  • Matt Shively as Sky
  • Adam Gregory as Brandon
  • Charlie Schlatter as Timmy
  • Sam Riegel as Riven
  • David Faustino as Helia
  • Will Blagrove as Nabu
  • James Patrick Stewart as Mike
  • Daniella Monet as Mitzi
  • Jason Marsden as Artu






  • Even though Roxy was introduced in this episode, her name wasn't mentioned until the following episode.
  • The first boss the Winx had bears a slight resemblance to the younger Mr. Baston.


  • When the pets turned the bubble machine on and there were some pets in the bubbles there were two of the same pet.


Coming Soon....



Winx Club 4 Stagione Episodio 3 L'ultima Fata Della Terra23:14

Winx Club 4 Stagione Episodio 3 L'ultima Fata Della Terra


Winx Club Season 4 Episode 3 The Last Fairy On Earth! RAI English FULL EPISODE20:53

Winx Club Season 4 Episode 3 The Last Fairy On Earth! RAI English FULL EPISODE


Winx Club Season 4 Episode 3 "Winx on Earth" Nickelodeon22:39

Winx Club Season 4 Episode 3 "Winx on Earth" Nickelodeon

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