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A pinch of Fairy Dust will do it!
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The Tree of Life is the second episode of the fourth season of Winx Club.


When the Winx learn about the dangers of the Wizards of the Black Circle, they set out to protect the last fairy on Earth. To find out where the fairy is, they go to Pixie Village.


At Alfea, Palladium shows them the history of the Fairy Hunters and how they caught fairies and took their powers. They learn how magic on Earth disappeared and how humans forgot about fairies. Faragonda gives them a new task, bringing magic to Earth and finding the last fairy on Earth.

The Specialists come to Alfea and Sky surprises Bloom by being there. Faragonda asks the specialists to
tag along and keep an eye on the Winx without them knowing. The Winx are nervous about their mission and Bloom suggests they go to Pixie Village to the Tree of Life. Flora tells them that the tree could tell them where the last fairy is.

The Winx fly to Pixie Village and find it deserted. They miniaturize to go into one of the houses and find Piff asleep. A monster then comes into the village and the Winx use their Enchantix powers defeat it.

Piff dreams of how they were captured by the Shadow Phoenix and the monster comes back. The Winx transform and Stella is swallowed by the monster. They find out all the pixies are also trapped inside the monster’s stomach and the Winx use Enchantix convergence against the monster but it is useless. Aisha finds out a dream eater butterfly was feeding on Piff’s nightmares and creating the nightmare. When Aisha removed the butterfly, the monster disappears and the Winx reunite with the pixies.


The pixies then take the Winx to the Tree of Life and Flora finds out the last fairy is the Gardenia. The pixies wanted to come along with the Winx, but they won’t let them because it is too dangerous. The Winx then set out to find the last fairy.

Major Events


  • Miniaturized Bloom
  • Dream Eater Butterfly


Spells Used

Voice Cast









  • This marks the first time that Bloom miniaturizes herself in her Enchantix form.
  • In the Nickelodeon dub, this episode and the previous one are merged into the one hour Winx Club: The Power of Believix.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of the Winx's Season 2 civilian outfits.
  • This episode also marks the first appearance of the Winx's Season 3 civilian outfits.
  • This episode marks the last appearance of Tune until the Legendary Duel.
  • In the second episode of Season 1, it was said that Earth fairies disappeared centuries ago. This episode reveals that the Fairy Hunters are the reason for this.


  • When Stella was being eaten by the monster, her skirt was completely pink when the sides of her skirt were meant to be orange.
  • In one scene, Tecna's shorts were missing.
  • When Flora was casting a spell, a part of her Enchantix outfit is missing.
  • In several scenes, Tecna's Enchantix back hair are missing.
  • When the Winx went near one of the houses after they heard the sound, Tecna's wings decrease.
  • When Stella entered the door, her upper wings clipped through it.


I can't watch anymore.



Winx Club 4 Stagione Episodio 2 L'albero Della Vita23:16

Winx Club 4 Stagione Episodio 2 L'albero Della Vita


Winx Club - Season 4 Episode 2 - The Tree of Life - FULL EPISODE - RAI ENGLISH23:17

Winx Club - Season 4 Episode 2 - The Tree of Life - FULL EPISODE - RAI ENGLISH


Winx Club Season 4 Episode 2 "Fear in Pixie Village" Nickelodeon22:40

Winx Club Season 4 Episode 2 "Fear in Pixie Village" Nickelodeon

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