A pinch of Fairy Dust will do it!
Winx 704 -- Timmy, Brandon, Nex, Sky, Helia
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The Crystal Labyrinth is the twenty-second episode of the third season of Winx Club.


The Winx are put to the test in Red Tower as they enter the Golden Kingdom to find the Water Stars. When Valtor sends the Trix to Red Tower, they ultimately lose to the Winx and the Specialists.



After Nabu laid Musa on the ground, Riven jumps on him and they start to fight. Sky and Timmy separate them a few minutes later and Riven realize his misinterpretation of Flora's video. Musa tells Riven she is happy he fought and came for her and they reconcile.


Valtor's disappointment towards the Trix's failures.

At the base of the Red Tower was a small door with something written on it in. An ancient script which Bloom could read and which said that only the magical with noble hearts and pure souls could enter the Tower. The Winx used their Fairy Dust on themselves to remove all the darkness in them and except Bloom, whose Enchantix was incomplete, the Winx girls first used their Miniaturization powers, making them small enough to go through the door of the Golden Kingdom.


Ophir teaches Riven's his tactics.

In order to obtain the Water Stars that can defeat Valtor, Stella, Musa, and Tecna must find their way through the Crystal Labyrinth, testing their commitment to possess the Stars.


Tecna follows her logical sense, and finds Arcadia. There, she presents two doors: one leads to the place of numbers as the other leads to warm and happy memories. Tecna first chooses the door with the memories but is told that in order to obtain the Water Stars, she would have to choose numbers over emotion. Upset, Tecna gives in and gives up her emotions.


Stella follows the path that is "the prettiest". Arcadia presents Stella with two doors; one showing her beautiful face, and the other barely showing a face. She must give up her beautiful face to receive the water stars. Stella chooses the ugly face and gives up her beauty.

Stella's doodle face

Stella with a featureless face.

Musa follows the harmony and the vibrations of the walls. Rushing to find Arcadia, she is presented with two doors; one is the exit as the other is her mother. She is put into tears, as she misses her mother very much. Arcadia notes that Tecna and Stella had already passed the maze and presents Musa with the ultimate choice. Musa chooses the exit but before she leaves, her mother tells her that she is very proud of Musa.

3x22-Arcadia giving the winx the water stars

Acadia presenting the Winx with the Water Stars.

The Winx are back together. Stella has no face, Tecna has no emotions and Musa is heartbroken. Because of their sacrifices, Arcadia presents the Winx with the water stars. Before they depart, Arcadia gives Tecna back her emotions because she was too boring speaking by the numbers. Stella is given back her beauty in replace of her "ugly mug". Musa, however, isn't given back her mother, but is reminded that her mother will always lives inside her heart.

Major Events

  • Riven and Ophir fight over Musa.
  • Riven and Musa reconcile.
  • The Winx meet the Eldest Fairy, Arcadia.
  • Tecna, Stella and Musa enter the Crystal Labyrinth.
    • Stella chooses the mission over her looks.
    • Tecna chooses the mission over her emotions.
    • Musa chooses the mission over her mother.
    • Tecna and Stella get their best traits back and three of them obtain the Water Stars.
  • The Winx now have the weapon that can defeat Valtor.



Spells used









  • At the end of the 4Kids version of the episode, Bloom mistakenly said Layla in place of Tecna when congratulating Stella, Musa, and Tecna on their bravery in the labyrinth.
  • Bloom was part of the convergence with the other Winx girls at the end despite not having her powers.
  • In one scene, Stella's wings are not fully colored.
  • Stormy's glove disappears in several scenes. There is also one scene in which her arm gloves become full-on gloves.
  • When the episode first aired on television, "labyrinth" was misspelled as "labirinth". This error was later fixed.
  • In the Rai Version, at one scene Aisha has her original Enchantix colors instead of her new one.
  • In the box there are only three Water Stars but six are seen in the next episode.


Hi Musa.
Is that really you?
Yes sweetie, you've grown up so beautifully.
Yeah, well tell that to my boyfriend when he sees this mug.
Luck has no bearing on the outcome of mission.
And as for you, Musa, I don't have the power to give you back your mother, but I want you to know that she will forever live in your heart.
Arcadia, to Musa