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Winx 704 -- Timmy, Brandon, Nex, Sky, Helia
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The Red Tower is the twenty-first episode of the third season of Winx Club.


To put out Valtor's Dragon Fire, Bloom must get the Water Stars from Red Tower. On their way there, the Winx and the Specialists find Ophir on their shuttle. When the trip gets dangerous, they must decide whether to trust him for his help.


During training, all the Winx fight against Bloom in order to find a way to defeat Valtor, since both Bloom and Valtor draw their energy from the Great Dragon. If the Winx find a way to defeat Bloom, this would mean that they had also found a way to defeat Valtor. But unfortunately, none of the girls' spells worked.

The Winx learn of the Water Stars. They pursue their search on the Water Stars and learn more about their origins and they found out that they are found in the Golden Kingdom. The Portal to the Golden Kingdom is found at the base of the Red Tower, which is in the Veil Mist Forest on the other side of Barrier of Magix. With the help of the pixies, the Winx Club and the Specialists went to the Golden Kingdom to obtain the Water Stars. In the forest, the pixies were able to feel where the direction of the way to the Golden Kingdom and they are the only ones to know the way to the Tower but they could not go too close to it because it was dangerous for them.

On their way to the Golden Kingdom, Flora makes a video and sends it to Helia, who stayed back in Red Fountain. Helia watches it after taking a shower. Riven, who happens to be in Helia's room, watched the part of the video when the navigation equipment of the Specialists' aircraft began malfunctioning and saw Musa and Nabu together. He misinterpreted the scene as Musa kissing Nabu. He went to the pixie village to fetch Piff and he also went to the Golden Kingdom. There are many centaur guards who guarded the Red Tower and attacked both the Winx and the Specialists

Major Events



Spells Used

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  • This is the first time the Winx transform into their Enchantix forms altogether.


  • In one scene, two of Aisha's lines overlap.
  • When Aisha was being chased by the Centaurs, the color scheme of her Enchantix outfit briefly changed back to blue, yellow and magenta.
  • When Riven was riding his motorcycle to the Winx and Specialists and Pixies, Piff was not present with him.
  • Although only appearing as a cameo, this episode marks the last appearance of Professor Avalon.


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