A pinch of Fairy Dust will do it!
Winx 704 -- Timmy, Brandon, Nex, Sky, Helia
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The Pixies' Charge is the twentieth episode of the third season of Winx Club.


The Trix are trying to win Valtor's affection and begins a race for the Pixies' collection of spells to present to Valtor. It is up to the Pixies to fight the Trix and protect their spells while the Winx, other Alfea fairies, and teachers are away on their own search for Valtor.


After Valtor attacks the Fortress of Light, the Winx go there to see if they can discover his latest hiding place, leaving the pixies in charge of Alfea.

When Zing and Glim are chased by the three unrestrained witches, Livy goes to warn the Alfea Pixies about the Trix's possible attack on Pixie Village to get their spells, who ever gets the spells first, also gets Valtor. The Pixies and Pixie pets then set out to save Zing and Glim. They then wound up fighting the Trix after Digit weakened Darcy by going super-small and tickling her.

When the seahorse Pixie pet goes in to tickle Darcy, she gets mad and turns the Pixie pet, Digit, Tune and Amore super-sized. Digit takes advantage of this and charges in on the infamous trio. When Icy freezes Digit, Amore offers the Trix her special love pixie dust in exchange for Digit.

Valtor then shows up and says that their games were over. Frozen Digit then moves and charges at Valtor, but falls right on Darcy and Stormy and breaks her ice prison. With Darcy and Stormy unable to fight anymore, Valtor and Icy retreat with them. At Alfea, Tecna is very proud of Digit after she and the fairies find out about the events of the day.

Major Events

  • The Winx, Faragonda and the other fairies go to the Fortress of Light so that they might track him down if he left some magical artifact behind.
  • The pixies are in charge of Alfea and its magic spells.
  • The pixies are turned into giants by Darcy.
  • Digit is frozen.
  • Frozen Digit takes this to her advantage and charges at Valtor, but falls right on Darcy and Stormy freeing her from the ice prison.




Spells Used








  • This episode is similar to the "Smurfs" series such as the Trix trying to catch the pixies is similar to Gargamel trying to grab the smurfs. Also the smurfs have similar personalities to some of the pixies: Livy bumping into things and forgetting stuff is like Clumsy, Amore is a counterpart to Smurfette due to their shy and sensitive personalities, Piff is similar to both Baby Smurf and Lazy Smurf for example like[Lazy she likes to sleep and like Baby Smurf is a baby. The Trix losing their temper when they fail to defeat, stop, catch or capture them and trying to use them for their own reasons and purposes is like Gargamel's.
  • Bloom appears wearing a different outfit only for this episode.
  • This is the second episode in which the pixies play a very large role in, the first being "Race Against Time". This episode, however, fully revolves around the pixies.
  • This episode is lighthearted in comparison to the somewhat darker tone of previous Season 3 episodes, with the Trix fighting for Valtor's affection and being defeated by the pixies.
  • Zing is referred by the name "Buzzy" in this episode.
  • Flora has no lines in this episode.


  • Lockette's wings disappear when she is seen sitting on the log.
  • As Valtor observes the Trix's argument over him through a visual portal, a great majority of Stormy's witch outfit is missing.
  • On occasion, both Darcy and Stormy are missing their gloves.
  • When Icy growls after failing to prevent Zing and Glim from running away, her eyes are a darker blue than usual.
  • When trying to coerce the Pixies out of hiding, Stormy's mouth goes missing for a very brief second.
  • Stormy's stockings disappear throughout the episode.
  • The Trix's chokers and makeup disappear throughout the episode.
  • In the last scene of the episode, Chatta's eyebrows and bangs are missing.
  • As Amore panics about squishing Kiko, her lips disappear very briefly.
  • After saying "ta-da!", Darcy's hair is not completely drawn/colored in.



Oopsy, I guess that I made them a little too big.
Hey, that itches! Now it tickles! Hey, hey would you stop it!! PLEASE STOP!!!


Tell me where your village is or else!
I don't get a word of your pipsqueak whining, so stop it, OK?
Who's a pipsqueak!
Amore, look in there and see if you can find out where Livy went! We could use her help!
Tell me now!
Shh! Hang on a second! Do you guys hear that?
Hear what?
Ugh! You little squirt!
Darcy! And it sounds like she's got Glim and Zing!
Hey, everybody! Look, I'm up here!
Peek-a-boo! Now it's my turn to surprise you!
Whoa! Hey, buddy, are you alright?
You don't really think I'm afraid of you. You might as well be fleas!
What did you call them?
*Laughs* Fleas. I called them fleas. And now a little pest control!
Hey! What's with people picking on size lately? *Shrinks herself* The thing about fleas is that they're clever little things. *Lands on Darcy's nose* And they are always underestimated!
No! No, no, no, no! Please don't do that! *Laughing* I can't stand being tickled!
Darcy, laughing
Nothing here. Guess they're not water creatures. Hmm?
No way! She couldn't have found the Pixie Village before me, could she?
Oh, come on, Digit! Stop playing around! Don't you think that she's had enough?
Oh, fine! But you guys have to try it sometime!
I always say that the best kind of entrance is a dramatic one. Howdy, rif-raf!
Oh, Icy, am I glad to see you!