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One Last Fluttering of Wings is the thirteenth episode of the third season of Winx Club.


The portal that links Andros to the Omega Dimension is giving way and the two worlds are about to be destroyed. The Winx must find a way to close the portal. In doing so, Tecna makes a very brave and daring sacrifice.


Andros is in danger of total destruction due to the out-of-control Omega portal. Faragonda is notified and gives Aisha the news. The Winx all agree to travel to Andros and save the planet. They arrive to Andros, but Aisha's father does not approve, due to how dangerous the conditions are, however Aisha convinces him that she and the Winx will do their best.

Valtor reveals to the Trix that Andros will fall, taking out everything, including the Winx. The Trix become upset at the fact that they were not the ones to defeat the Winx and want to go to Andros to defeat them, but Valtor keeps them back telling them that they would be destroyed with Andros.

As the Winx fight Valtor's creatures, Aisha's father reveals to Aisha that his mind had been changed and would not lose hope.

Taboc, a powerful wizard on Andros, leads Bloom, Tecna and Aisha to seal the portal. Taboc reveals that the creation of the portal was partitally his doing, and created it to have it escape proof. He states that he did not expect the portal to open, and was weak against Valtor's powers. He also reveals that the only way to close the portal is closing it from the inside, and that it would require a great sacrifice and greater courage.

Bloom offers to close it, since she would not allow another planet to face the same doom as Domino. Aisha refuses to let Bloom close the portal by herself and joins her in closing it, but both are brushed aside. Tecna, instead, volunteers to close it. As Stella, Flora and Musa join the Winx, they all protest for her to stop, but Taboc tells them that perhaps saving Andros is her destiny.

Tecna becomes sucked in the portal. However, her risking her life to save the planet gains her Enchantix. Using her Fairy Dust, she seals the portal but falls into the Omega Dimension, and the portal closes.

The Winx become very upset, most notably Musa, who runs to the closed portal, telling Taboc that they must do something. Taboc sadly counters that there was nothing else that could be done and assumes Tecna was gone forever. The Winx cry for hours, with Musa crying out in anguish.

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  • When Faragonda invited Winx to tell them about Andros, they were all there except for Flora.
  • In one scene, Stella’s Fairy Dust pendant floats independently from her chest.
  • Just after Tecna fell into the Omega Dimension, two scenes of Bloom in her Enchantix form are shown: the first one is a close-up on her eye and you can see that her bangs have highlights in them as they do in her Enchantix form and the second one is when there is a close-up on her mouth and she shouts, "Noooo!", you can see her pink bow from her Enchantix form.
  • The color scheme of Aisha's Enchantix form changes back-and-forth from cyan to spring green.
  • In one scene, Flora's Fairy Dust Signature is Missing.



I'm not going to let another planet be destroyed. I couldn't do anything about Domino, but I can surely try to save Andros.
Bloom, it's my responsibility to save my world.
Well, then we'll do it together.
Taboc, we've got to do something! We have to save her!
I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do. Tecna is gone.


I'm not going to let this entire world be destroyed. Even if it's a long shot, I'm gonna go and try to close the portal from the inside.
Bloom, it's my responsibility to save my realm.
Well, then we'll do it together.
Taboc, we've got to get Tecna out of there!
I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do. This is her destiny.

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