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A Trap for Fairies is the eleventh episode of the third season of Winx Club.


When the Winx and the Pixies cannot find Miss Faragonda in the Alfea woods, they go to explore Valtor's hideout in Cloud Tower. The Winx must conquer a number of monsters, traps, and witches to discover Miss Faragonda's location.


To find out what happened to Faragonda, the Winx go to Gloomy Wood Forest. All the clues there lead them to Cloud Tower. While the Winx travel to Cloud Tower, the Pixies stay behind looking for more clues. The Trix and Valtor spot them in Cloud Tower, and come up with a plan to trick the fairies.

At Cloud Tower, the Winx run into Mirta, who wishes to know what happened to Lucy and the other witches. With no answers, the Winx leave. They then stumble upon the witches, where they are suspended in animation to recharge their energy so they can fight again.

Mirta then spots Lucy, but it was actually a trap. Valtor then comes to battle the fairies, and negates their convergence. The fairies later realize that it wasn't their convergence which was blocked, only their ability to touch one another. So, they instead use convergence without touching each other and then defeat the witches.

Mirta then leads the Winx to Professor Griffin, who tells them they need to seek out Cloud Tower's Guardians, for they hear and see everything that happens within the castle walls. The Winx find them, but they are under Valtor's control. Aisha then uses her fairy dust to set them free.

Gratefully, the Guardians tell the Winx what happened to Miss Faragonda. Meanwhile, the Pixies were attacked by lion creatures, but, thanks to Amore, all they had in their hearts was love. Also, because of the decrease in negative energy, Lockette was able to track down Faragonda. When the Winx returned to the Pixies, they found Faragonda trapped in an old oak tree. The Winx then promise Faragonda that they will save her.

Major Events

  • The Winx go to Cloud Tower to find out what happened to Miss Faragonda.
  • Mirta returns to Cloud Tower alone at first to find out what happened to Lucy.
  • The Winx find out that Miss Faragonda has been bonded with a knotted oak tree.


  • Vault Monsters
  • Nabu


Spells Used







  • Despite her ability to transform at Winx level, Mirta doesn't transform in this episode for unknown reasons.
  • Nabu makes his first appearance in this episode, but has no speaking role until the next episode.
  • This episode marks the debut of Aisha's Fairy Dust bottle and sequences.



"Get back! Sound Wave!" - Musa

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