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Diaspro's Deception


Narrator: To celebrate the thousand anniversary of his kingdom, Sky invited Bloom to Eraklyon. She doesn't know it yet, but she's in for a nasty surprise.

Stella: Sun Bolt!

  • She fires her scepter and notices Radius.

Stella: No, DADDY!!

  • She uses all her energy to protect Radius; eventually she passes out, so does the dragon. Radius wakes up.

Radius: Stella, Stella, you okay? What happened to you? Stella, my baby...answer me, please! Say something, anything!

  • Stella transforms into an Enchantix fairy.

Bloom: Stella saved her father, and she got her Enchantix powers.

Aisha: It's because she sacrificed herself. That's exactly how I got my Enchantix powers, too.

Guards: CHARGE!!