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Aisha's Courage

Narrator: Aisha has lost her sight during the fight against Valtor, on the water world of Andros. But who is the mysterious sorcerer, and what is his link with Bloom?

Scene: Stella's Dorm

Stella: Why did I let them go to Andros without me? What was I thinking?!

Amore: You were thinking they were all powerful and strong enough to handle this on their own.

Stella: Then I must have been crazy, and even more crazy making, my BFFs are without me on Andros, and my father is under Cassandra's evil spell!

Scene: Andros

Musa: Um...guys? Air breather over here. How do you expect us to get to the bottom of the ocean without gills?

Aisha: And Princess of Andros over here, give me your hands.

  • The girls put their hands onto Aisha's; they start to glow.

Aisha: My Morphix magic will help you breathe underwater, and protect you from the cold.

  • The girls transform; they follow Bloom underwater.

More Coming Soon...

Scene: Above Water

Tressa: Hurry, we have to act quick before the sun disappears.

  • She gives Aisha the Coral Gem.

Aisha: I know the Coral Gem only has enough power for one healing this one's for you, Tressa. Your mom deserves to live.

  • She uses the scepter on Ligea, healing her just before the sun sets.

Ligea: The Coral Gem...thank you, Princess.

Bloom: You saved her life, Aisha.

  • A glowing light floats down from above.

Tecna: (gasps) Hey, what's happening?

  • Aisha transforms into an Enchantix fairy.

Bloom: Wow, she's beautiful.

Musa: Awesome.

Flora: She's in her final fairy form... (gasps) She's become an Enchantix!

  • All marvel at Aisha.

Ligea: (gasps) Wow.

Bloom: Aisha, because you sacrificed your sight for the queen's life, you earned your Enchantix powers!

Aisha: I wish I could see it.

Bloom: I'm sure you will one day.

Aisha: Oh Bloom, why couldn't that day be today?


Narrator: Aisha has released her newfound magic, transforming herself for the first time into Enchantix. And with Faragonda's help, the Winx learn more about the Company of Light.

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