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The Mirror of Truth is the fourth episode of the third season of Winx Club.


When Stella and the Winx reach the Mirror of Truth, Stella must face a difficult task and see herself for who she really is. With the help of Brandon and her friends, she is able to see beyond the surface and break the curse.


When the Winx reach the ice caves (after defeating the terrible weather and the griffins) they come across the Guardians of the mirror of truth, who tell Stella she must go and find the mirror of truth if she is to turn back to normal. So the Winx split up to go find it.

Stella searches for it, and stumbles across it not realizing it was the pool she was staring in. Brandon soon joins the frustrated Stella, who is under the impression that he can't see how she really looks.

Brandon then confesses that he could see all along how she really looked and the spell they put on him didn't work. They share a deep conversation and embrace each other. Then Brandon gives Stella the present he meant to give to her at her princess ball.

Knowing now that Brandon loved her even as a monster, the mirror of truth turns Mon-Stella back into Stella. The Guardians congratulated the Fairy of the Sun and the Moon, and with that they headed back to Alfea.

Upon returning to Alfea, all the girls are moving in for the new semester. Musa meets Princess Galatea, the princess of Melody, as Stella runs into Nova. Nova catches Stella up on some gossip about Solaria, to which she discovers that Countess Cassandra is taking more control than King Radius. Meanwhile, Aisha reveals that a wizard called Valtor has taken over Andros and placed a dark spell on the guardian mermaids. The Winx decide to go to Andros to stop further destruction.

Major Events

  • Mon-Stella turns back into Stella.
  • The new school year starts.
  • Nova is introduced and informs Stella of the new royal hierarchy.
  • Galatea is introduced and meets Musa.
  • Aisha tells the Winx about Valtor.
  • The Winx learn how to earn their final fairy form: Enchantix: saving someone from their home realm and showing great sacrifice in doing so.



Spells used








  • Bloom's glove, which is usually light blue, changed to red in one scene.
  • While Flora, Bloom, and Tecna were doing a convergence, Flora's fringes disappeared.
  • In one scene Stella's headband turns to purple instead of pink.
  • In one scene, Flora is wearing earrings that she usually doesn't have in her Winx form. At the same time, colors on her dress are mixed up.
  • In both Cinélume and Nick versions, in the last shoot of the transformation, Tecna's scene, that already appeared previously, appeared again for a very short time.
  • This episode and "Alfea Under Siege" are showing the mistake with Musa's and Flora's missing wings during there transformation. This is only seen in Cinélume and Nick versions. 
  • After Stella transforms back to herself, Brandon is beside her but when the winx come running and hug her he is gone.


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