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Danger in the Wildland is the twenty-second episode of the second season of Winx Club.


Bloom and her friends are trapped in the forest with the evil Trix witches hot on their heels. Unable to fully use their magic, the Fairies and Specialists must rely on their wits. Timmy comes up with a plan to trick the Trix, but his mistakes have got the Winx in trouble more than once. Will Timmy finally save the day?


When the Winx and the specialists are cornered by the Trix's Wildland army, Timmy comes up with a plan, but Tecna has no faith in him.

Aisha gets lost, so Bloom goes to find her. As Timmy's plan continues, Musa finds out the Trix's plan to capture Bloom.

As Aisha continues to dwell through the canyons, she heads into a cave, searching for her childhood friend. She then thinks about her friends and the pixies and how she's stuck there in fears.

Layla Charmix
She gathers her courage and earns her Charmix. She reunites with Bloom and the pixies. Out of curiosity, the pixies flew into a strange plant and became ill.

While this was happening, the Winx and Specialists worked together to build traps and a cabin. As the Trix approached the group, Musa creates a sound wave to splash the Trix. They then chased Timmy who was taunting them, whilst sending an emergency call to Helia.

The Trix chase Timmy up to the cabin, but fall through the roof. As they were about to strike, Helia attacks them from above and the Trix were successfully repelled. Tecna then admitted her feelings for Timmy, saying she didn't like disliking him and earns her Charmix, and they all return to Alfea.    

Major Events

  • Aisha musters up all her courage to find the pixies and earns her Charmix.
  • Tecna admits to Timmy that she loves him and earns her Charmix.
    • Tecna and Timmy begin their relationship.



Spells Used






  • This marks the first appearance of Aisha's and Tecna's Charmix.


  • In the last episode, the Specialists are seen in their beachwear when them and the Winx are trapped by the Trix and their hypnotized Wildland animals, but in this episode, they are wearing their Specialist uniforms.
  • In one scene, Flora was in her Winx form, although she has not earned her Charmix.


Charliehorse to Poet Man. Code 19.
Timmy, radioing for help.
I thought I lost you and that made me realize that I was mad at you cause you wouldn't make the first move, but really that's just me being scared of stepping up myself and saying how much I absolutely adore you.
Tecna's emotional moment
Listen Stormy, I want you to keep your dragadon away from Riven.
Don't tell me you still have feelings for that brutty little lug.
No, GROSS! I just want to be the one to end the loser.
Timmy radioed me. I would've gotten here sooner but I had to bypass an asteroid field.
Your backup plan has a backup, right Timmy?

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