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The Heart of Cloud Tower

Scene: Cloud Tower's heart

(Professor Griffin comes out of the heart)

Stella: "Is that Professor Griffin?"

Flora: "I think it is."

Icy: "What are you doing in there, Griffin?! Where's the codex?"

Griffin: "It's not here, Icy. And not anywhere were the likes of you should find it."

Darcy: "The likes of us?"

Griffin: "Yes, girls I kicked out of school who run errands for Lord Darkar."

Stormy: "We'll be doing the kicking this time."

Musa: "Don't forget us. You're surrounded, witch!"

Darcy: "Perfect darkness!" (cast a blindness spell)

Stella: "Ray of Light!"

(Trix disappear)

Aisha: "They've disappeared!"

Flora (flies to Bloom): Forget about them. We gotta help Bloom.

Scene: Girls' Room

(Stella and Flora helping Bloom to her bed)

Flora: "Relax, sweetie. Open your eyes." (Bloom opens her eyes and gets a clear view of her hand) "Those herbs Griffin gave should revab you pretty quickly."

Bloom: "My head's killing me."

Stella: "Hate to say it, but that's what you get for trying to take those witches alone."

Aisha (clears her throat): "You did not just say that. I mean, where were you, Stella?"

Bloom: "Guys, I feel like my powers are weakening."

Aisha: "All our powers are weakening."

Musa: "It's Cloud Tower symdrone."

Tecna: "What’s important is that we stop arguing and work together from now on."

Stella: "Exactly, Tecna. That's precisely what I've been saying this whole time."

Flora: "Stella!"

Aisha: "Yeah, right."

Musa: "You were the first one to run off!"

Stella (wrap her finger in her hair): "Come on, details!"

Scene: Somewhere in Cloud Tower

Stormy: "That stupid Tecna tricked us!"

Icy: "Yeah, as if! I wouldn't give that loser robo nerd that much credit!"

Darcy: "So, you don't think it was a trap? You think those fairies really have no idea where the codex is hidden?"

Stormy: "They're just as clueless as we are!"

Icy: "What's our next move?"

Stormy: "What if we keep sending our energy into the heart?"

Darcy: "We can seize full control of the tower."

Icy: "And then we can just get the tower to hand the codex over to us, and destroy everyone else."


Scene: Girls' dorm

Aisha (unable to sleep, gets out of bed and walks over to Musa, asleep): "Musa, are you awake?" (covers her up) "At least one of us is able to sleep in this creepy place."

Scene: Outside Headmistress Griffin's office

(The Winx, Lucy, and Mirta split up into groups of two)