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In the Heart of Cloudtower is the eighteenth episode of the second season of Winx Club.


Bloom and the other Winx Fairies are trying to defend the Cloud Tower School for Witches from the evil Trix. However, the Winx are split up, and each girl's weak point is revealed. Then the Trix find a way to control Cloud Tower itself, turning the entire school into an evil monster!


Continue with the last episode, Griffin was seen standing at the opening gate of heart of Cloud Tower. Everyone gets little shocked by seeing her. Icy asked her about what she is doing there and also asked her about Codex. Griffin replied to no and also says that the Trix will not find it where they think to be there. The Trix says to fight Griffin but from back when the winx says they are surrounded Darcy spells darkness spell and Stella spells light spell but till then the Trix disappears. After that Flora reminds them of helping Bloom from Darcy's darkness spell on her eyes. Griffin gave some herbs which help Bloom to get to recover her eyesight back quickly. Bloom says to the Winx that her head is killing her on that Stella says her that it was what she had got for facing the Trix alone. Aisha interrupts in between and says her not to say that and asked Stella where was she. Soon Bloom and the Winx realize that their powers are getting weak because of Cloud Tower syndrome. Tecna says to the  Winx that the important part is they should stop arguing with each other and work together. Stella again interrupts and says that's what she was exactly saying on that and Musa shouted at her for she was the first one who had run off. On the other hand Stormy says Icy and Darcy that they are tricked by Tecna for showing where the codex is but Icy says them that it was not the trick and the Winx too had no clue where the codex is hidden. Then the Trix decided to keep sending their energy in the heart of Cloud Tower so that they could take control over Cloud Tower and asked it to handover the codex within itself and destroy everyone else. On the other hand, Aisha and Musa are there on their beds but Aisha was not able to sleep and was happy seeing Musa sleeping calmly at that creepy place. In the morning, the Winx, Mirta and Lucy where seen coming out of a room with ruby coins given by Griffin in order to find the Trix as they have dark energy and that ruby helped them to track them by lighting up when they are near and also Griffin says them about the Trix attack on Cloud Tower in very early morning and also aware them about the Trix's plan that they are sending dark power to the heart through it's veins to take control over Cloud Tower. Bloom asked Griffin about the consequences and Griffin replied her that Cloud Tower will also become their enemy. Stella asked in shocked about that they had to fight with the Trix and Griffin together. Lucy then says its not their any chances of survival at that point of time and Mirta comforts her by saying its not gone to happen. The Winx and both the witches were seen in different pairs of four advised by Griffin. Stella and Musa together Bloom and Tecna together Aisha and Flora together Mirta and Lucy together. The Winx says to Griffin that they had decided to be together last night and asked her to show any way so they can keep in touch with each other. Griffin gave them a easy spell for that so they could be in touch with each other through the walls of Cloud Tower. The Trix saw all of this and decide to pick a single pair at a time. Flora and Aisha are shown on their way to find the Trix and are afraid of the voices of Cloud Tower.

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Major Events




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  • In this episode, Zing makes cosplays of Aliens, Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean, Doc Holliday from Tombstone.


  • When Stella and Musa are stuck in the wall, when angled at Stella, Musa's pants are gone.
  • When Bloom grabs on to the door handle before the door disappears it is blue, but when it reappears it is red.
  • When Icy laughs before stealing the Codex, her makeup is gone.
  • Bloom's sleeves were missing in one scene.

    Musa's pants are gone


"You were the first one to run off!" - Musa

"Come on, details!" - Stella

"Okay, you just made some weird ear thing in the wall." - Stella

"Is that you, Bloom? I think the witches got Mirta and Lucy!" - Aisha

"They got Stella and Musa, too!" - Bloom

"Where are you?" - Aisha

"I think Tecna and I are in the classroom that belongs to that weird witch teacher." - Bloom

"We're on our way." - Aisha

"The Tower's going nuts!" - Musa

"We gotta book it, you guys!" - Bloom

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" - Bloom, Flora, Musa, Stella, Tecna, and Aisha while falling through a crack

"Oh no!" - Zing, flying after them