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Twinning with the Witches

Scene: Park

  • Bloom is sitting on the grass, thinking about something deeply.*

Scene: Faragonda's Office

  • Faragonda looks at her mirror, checking up on Bloom.*

Faragonda: Poor Bloom, I wonder what's bothering her?
Griffin: Darkar will target Cloud Tower next to get that piece of the Codex.
Faragonda:If my fairies and your witches work together they can protect the codex.
Griffin: You may be right but still, no witch likes the idea of working with fairies. Including myself.
Faragonda: Well, we've got to find a way to put aside our differences.
Griffin: I don't know how, but I know who to ask.

  • Griffin turns around and disappears.*
  • The Winx and Mirta are now in Faragonda's office.*

The Winx: WHAT?!
Bloom: We're to study at Cloud Tower?!
Layla/Aisha: You can't be serious!
Stella: No way am I wearing those tacky witch outfits!

  • Stella images herself trying on those witch outfits.*

Faragonda: Calm down, girls. You know, we have to protect the codex at Cloud Tower.
Tecna: There are absolutely, no records of witches ever asking fairies for help.
Faragonda: And that's where Mirta's advice has been most helpful.
Mirta: Um. The witches, think that Alfea fairies have it easy. And all the teachers say that fairies wouldn't last two days if they were to take their classes!
Musa: So, we've gotta swallow up pride, is that it?
Faragonda: Fairies aren't slaves to pride that the witches are, correct?

  • The Winx nod.*

The Winx: Mm-hm!
Faragonda: Then it's settled, if you're willing to take classes at Cloud Tower: Lady Griffin is willing to ask for your help against the Trix.
Bloom: *confidently* And she won't regret it! The Trix will never be able to get anywhere near the codex!

Scene: Inside Cloud Tower

  • Lucy is looking out the window, watching the Winx and Mirta arriving at her school.*

Lucy: Mirta!

Scene: Cloud Tower Front Entrance

  • The Winx, Mirta and Zing are walking towards the entrance of the school.*
  • As they walk up the walkway. Flora looks down.*

Flora: Hmm?
Layla/Aisha: I wish Piff could come along.

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