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The Show Must Go On! is the fifteenth episode of the second season of Winx Club.


Musa and the other Winx are putting on a dance show at the Red Fountain tournament. However, Musa's father, the strict Ho-Boe, disapproves of his daughter's childish antics. He comes to the tournament to make Musa leave the Winx and the Alfea School! But then Stormy sneaks into the tournament, determined to get revenge on Musa by attacking her father.


Musa was invited to perform at a concert at Red Fountain, but her father, Ho-Boe, forbids her from doing so. He threatens her that if she performs at the concert, he will pull her out of Alfea. At the same time, Stormy planned to attack her at her concert and disguised herself as a fairy. The concert goes smoothly, until Stormy comes and attack her. Finally, with help and encouragement from Riven, the audience assists Musa by singing and Stormy is forced out of Red Fountain. Afterwards, Musa and her father go to Melody to visit her mother's grave.

Major Events

  • Musa pays a visit to her mother's grave where she tells the whole story of the episode.
  • Musa's father arrives and threatens to have her removed from Alfea.
  • Musa explains the story of her parents and childhood, and her father's hatred towards music.
  • Musa's father loves music again and decides to let Musa stay at Alfea.
  • Riven assists Musa in defeating Stormy and he meets Musa's father.



Spells Used







  • This is the only episode where Stormy goes solo. Icy and Darcy do not appear in this episode.
  • Musa's mother has a new look to her.
  • This is another one of the few episodes where both 4Kids and Cinélume use the same line: Stormy has left the building.
  • The song Musa sings in the Cinélume version is called: A Sky Without Moon and Stars. It is also performed by Musa in The Winx Power Show, but is called Il Canto di Musa (The song of Musa/Musa's Song).
  • The dance Brandon and Sky performed was the traditional Fire Knife dance from the Samoan Islands.
  • This is the only episode of the series that Bloom does not have a speaking role.

Differences Between Cinélume and 4Kids

  • In Cinélume:
    • Stormy attacks Alfea in the previous episode.
    • Tecna returns in this episode.
    • Bloom and Flora make a cameo appearance in this episode.
    • Stella and Musa sing together before Musa's solo.
    • Stella comically dropped the mic stand or fell over repeatedly. At the end of the song, she dropped the mic hard, sending a loud feedback wave all over the stadium and the audience covering their ears in pain. Stella quickly stands it back up before leaving, which falls over again.
    • Aisha's dance performance with Mirta and Francis from the Cinélume version was excluded.
    • The entire episode was being narrated by Musa, who was telling the story to her mother's grave.
    • Riven yells: "Come on you idiots, do what Musa says!"
  • In 4Kids:
    • The scene where Musa wakes up from a bad dream is reused footage from episode "Cold Spell".
    • The song Musa sings in the 4Kids version is called: "Magic In My Heart", just as the episode's title.
    • 4Kids cut out the special ending in which the Winx, Mirta, Lucy, and Francis perform the Cinélume closing song, The Girls of the Winx Club.
    • 4Kids also cut out the part where Brandon was thinking about Stormy in disguise.


  • In one scene, Palladium is seen in his Season 1 design.
  • While Brandon is performing on the stage with Sky, he is shown in the group of spectators.
  • In the special ending, Mirta is seen on stage and in the crowd at the same time.
  • In one scene, Musa's white tee and red vest become a red polo.


If you perform in that concert tomorrow night, I'm withdrawing you from Alfea. Now this discussion is over!"
Ho-Boe's decision.
Stormy has left the building!

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