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Battle on Planet Eraklyon is the fourteenth episode of the second season of Winx Club.


Prince Sky returns home to the Kingdom of Eraklyon with Bloom, Flora and Brandon. The evil warlord Yoshinoya has kidnapped Sky's former fiancée, Diaspro. Bloom fights to save Diaspro, even though she's a rival for Sky's heart. But Yoshinoya has employed an unstoppable team of techno-ninjas that may spell the end for Sky and the others.


After Bloom is tormented by a rain dance spell, she and Flora meet up with Sky and Brandon, who tell them that there's trouble on Eraklyon.

The girls, Chatta, Lockette, and Zing go with them. Upon arrival they discover that Diaspro has been kidnapped by a special team of techno-ninjas.

Diaspro is in chains by Techno Ninja's in Eraklyon.

Bloom embarrasses herself again in front of Sky's parents.

The Winx then use a location spell - using Diaspro's broach. The group then goes to find Diaspro, but her kidnappers find them instead.


Flora uses a location spell to locate Diaspro.

They challenged them, but they were just too strong for hand-to-hand combat. Flora, using her special flower that she had found on Eraklyon, allows Diaspro to switch position with someone else - namely Bloom.

Bloom, Brandon and Sky prepare to fight the techno-ninjas, but Zing arrives with a ransom note, revealing these ninjas were kidnappers. Diaspro is saved and Sky's parents thank Bloom.


Musa is preparing the rain dance spell to defeat Stormy spell.

Major Events

  • Diaspro gets kidnapped.
  • Sky introduces Bloom to his parents.
  • Yoshinoya arranged the kidnapping and was the one pulling the Patchamen's strings.
  • It is revealed that Yoshinoya was one of the main reasons why Sky and Brandon switched identities.
  • Sky's parents approve of Bloom being his girlfriend.
  • Even though Bloom saves her, Diaspro continues to hold deep resentment towards her.
  • Musa faces off against Stormy.
  • Musa is asked to hold a special concert at Red Fountain.

    Stormy is tormenting Musa as she prepares to perform the rain dance spell with attacks.



Spells Used

Voice Cast


Coming soon...


  • Liza Jacqueline as Bloom
  • Christina Rodriguez as Stella
  • Kerry Williams as Flora
  • Dan Green as Sky
  • Frank Frankson as Brandon
  • Lisa Ortiz as Musa
  • Stan Hart as Erendor
  • Veronica Taylor as Princess Diaspro
  • Sebastian Arcelus as Professor Paladium
  • Ed Paul as Wrong Righter/Patchaman Bo.


Coming soon...






  • The Wrong Righters seem to be a tribute to the team from Gatchamen (G-Force Guardians of Space). Actually, in the Cinélume version, they are called the Patchamen, so they directly reference the anime Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. Even their names: Ben, Bo, Junko, Jinpee, and Kiu are a parody of the Gatchamen names: Ken, Jo, Jun, Jinpei, and Ryu (also known as Ace Goodheart, Dirk Daring, Agatha June, Hootow - replaced with Kiu the robot - and Peewee).
  • Aisha, Riven, Tecna and Timmy do not make an appearance in this episode
    • However Aisha does have a cameo in the Cinélume version.
  • Stella makes a cameo in this episode.
  • Zing makes several cosplay references in the Cinélume version, including Scorpion (Mortal Kombat), Spider-Man (Marvel Comics), Blain Cooper (Predator), Dr. Octopus (Marvel Comics - Spider-Man), Jubei-chan (Jubei-chan the Ninja Girl), and the Patchamen themselves (Gatchamen).
  • In Cinélume dub, Kiu, the robotic Patchaman, makes a reference to the anime, Voltron.
  • In Cinélume dub, after Bloom gets hit by Patchaman Dunko's powder puff smokescreen, she gets punched in her stomach by Patchaman Bo.
  • In the 4Kids version, Diaspro's planet is called Isis. In the Cinélume version, it remains unnamed.
  • Diaspro tells Flora that she is jealous of Bloom and does not see why Sky choose Bloom over her. She also explains that all her life she was trained to be a princess.
  • In the Cinélume version this episode opens with a class on weather spells.
  • In the Cinélume version Musa finds a note on a spell left by Stormy and shows it to Palladium who tells her it is dark magic, leading to her confrontation with Stormy.
  • In the Cinélume version it is revealed that Diaspro has cynophobia (the fear of dogs).
  • Even though the Patchmen are sent to Earth, they do not help the Winx with the Wizards of the Black Circle and the Major Fairies in Season 4.
    • They are not seen in Season 4, too.


Coming soon...


Silence! How dare you! Whenever there is injustice, we are the ones who answer the call! Be afraid, villains, we are bandit justice man...
- Ben (Patchaman 1), a parody of Ken Washio/Ace Goodheart
Bo! Mysterious antihero!
- Bo (Patchaman 2), (a parody of Joe Asakura/Dirk Daring)
Jinpee! The smartest kid ever!
- Jinpee (Patchaman 3), (a parody of Jinpei/Peewee)
Junko! Princess of beauty!
- Junko (Patchaman 4), (a parody of Jun/Agatha June)
And Kiu! The mighty one! Junko! My components, please! *assembles himself* And I'll be... THE HEAD! Together, we are... Science Ninja Team...
- Kiu (Patchaman 5), (a parody of Ryu/Hootow)
- All (a parody of Gatchamen)
I'm not afraid of your justice, I'm rich!
I hate this!
- Diaspro, at Club Patchaman
I hate this!
- Bloom, at Alfea
- Zing, as Scorpion, throwing her "spear" at the wind rider
Zing! You're hurt!
- Flora, after Zing takes a hit for her
I ain't got time to hurt!
- Zing, as Blain Cooper



Winx Club 2 Stagione Episodio 14 Battaglia Sul Pianeta Eraklyon23:34

Winx Club 2 Stagione Episodio 14 Battaglia Sul Pianeta Eraklyon


Winx Club Season 2 Episode 14 -The Wrong Righters18:43

Winx Club Season 2 Episode 14 -The Wrong Righters


2x14 - Battle on Planet Eraklyon23:35

2x14 - Battle on Planet Eraklyon

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