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Win-x Together! is the twelfth episode of the second season of Winx Club.


Musa meets a new Specialist who has a crush on her, but she still has feelings for Riven. Meanwhile, Bloom and the other Winx learn to combine spells. But when the Simulator Room malfunctions, the girls have to perfect their new magic or be trapped forever.


The Winx are in Faragonda's class about Convergence. After class, Bloom, Stella, and Musa runs into Jared and finds out that he is a student at Red Fountain. Stella ends up setting up on a date with Musa. Much to Musa's dislike towards the idea, she discovers that he is the editor of the "Red Fountain Sentinal", the school's newspaper. Jared decides to hang out rather than go on a date so he can interview Musa.

Meanwhile in Shadowhaunt, Stormy informs Darkar it is Darcy's birthday today and, as a present, she wants him to send her to Alfea and wreak some havoc. Darkar approves of this.

At the convergence class, Flora and Tecna are partnered up but their convergence does not work. Neither does Aisha and Musa's nor Stella and Bloom's. So, for a surprise, Faragonda has the girls go through a special test in the Magical Reality Chamber. Stella has an idea on how to get the girls to bond better: have a slumber party.

But when she accidentally says "five of us", which inadvertently excludes Aisha, Aisha bursts into tears and runs out the door. Musa goes to comfort Aisha and she gladly accepts her invitation to Stella's slumber party. Back at Red Fountain, Darcy hypnotizes Jared with a magic crystal. That night Stella tells a story from the days of her youth: her first crush, unfortunately it does not end in the way she wanted it.

In the MRC (Magical Reality Chamber), Darcy channels her power through Jared and sabotages it. The next day the Winx girls begin their convergence test. Unfortunately the test does not go as planned thanks to Darcy's meddling.

The Winx have to fight a giant monster by making a titan of their own and each of the girls put a power into it: Aisha makes the body, Flora gives it support, Tecna gives it brain, Stella gives it sight, Bloom gives it a will to fight, and Musa gives it the ability to hear.

The girls learns convergence and passes with flying colors. Jared apologizes to Musa for wrecking their test and Musa forgives him because it was not his fault. After that The Winx congratulate themselves for being an awesome team.

Major Events

  • The Winx learn about Convergence.
  • Stella tells a story from her childhood.
  • Darcy gets her second solo mission.



Spells Used






  • Both the Italian air date of this episode and the 4Kids air date are exactly 6 months apart from each other.
  • In the blogs everybody believed that the American air date of this episode was Darcy's birthday.
  • Except for her laughter, Icy did not have any lines in this episode.
  • This is the second episode where Darcy goes solo.
  • The way the Winx's titan punched her hand into the monster's body to grab the exit code is similar to that of Kano's heart pull fatality in Mortal Kombat.
  • The witches' Gloomix are absent in this episode.

Differences Between Cinélume and 4Kids

  • In the 4kids version:
    • Jared is bound with a magic hula hoop rather than rope.
  • In the Cinélume version:
    • Aisha cries when Stella accidentally forgets to include her.
    • Aisha makes up a mock story theorizing how Stella and Brandon got together.
    • Stella tried to open a box with force.


  • Stella's sleeves were missing in several scenes.

    Flora's sleeves are missing

  • When the girls were escaping from the monster, Bloom and Flora's sleeves were missing. 


- Tune, after she beans Kiko with her parasol
And where is your project?
It didn't work.
We were gonna combine fire and sunlight but...
But then we got into a big argument about how to do it.
Professor, why not shut the chamber off?
If I shut it off, then everything in the chamber will disappear, and that includes you.
Do you know how I got together with my Brandon?
Hah! Let me guess! Hey girls! I'm the best fighter in the world and the best looking guy in Magix! Who wants to be my girlfriend? And you just fell at his feet!
Actually, HE fell at MY feet!
Aisha! You're the foundation! Aisha, it has to be bigger!
Uh-oh! It needs some kind of skeletal support! Bearing Branches!
It needs a brain! Central Processor! Creature! Hurry! Stand up!
Stella! It can't see anything!
Sun Vision!
It can't fight without a will of its own!
The monster's gonna destroy it!
My turn! Flame of Life!
Oh no!
Yes! She's full of life now!
Anything broken?
I'm okay...
Listen, you've got to get the light the monster swallowed!
Girls, defeating the monster is not enough! Your creature has to say "derimei ilussiamen" to open the exit!
Soundstream Power of Words!
Everybody ready?
Derimei ilussiamen! Derimei ilussiamen!
- All

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