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The Witches' Downfall

Scene: Alfea

  • The lightning strikes and thunder rumbles then pans down to Alfea. Everyone getting ready. Pepe and Kiko whimpering.*

Faragonda: OK. This is it. Hold your positions everyone, the stakes have never been higher.

  • The dark army coming towards Alfea.*

Icy: Alfea. Attack!
Faragonda and Griffin: Unsure of line
Stormy: Do they really think that their silly barrier can stop us?
Stella: Uh...
Musa: Oh no. You got it coming you evil witches.
Stormy: Ahhh. What's this? Get them.
Stella: We won't be able to hold them for long. What's going to happen to us?
Icy: Huh?

  • Bloom appears. The fairies cheer*

Tecna: Alright!
Brandon: Hey Sky, it sure is great to see you again.
Bloom: Hi everybody! Mind if I join in?
Icy: It's not possible. I can't believe this!
Darcy: Huh?
Bloom: You thought you were rid of me, didn't you, Icy? Well, you thought wrong.

  • Bloom zaps Icy but she appears in the sky.*

Icy: What do you think your doing? You seem to forget that your not the only one who possesses the power of the dragon.
Flora: But Bloom is not alone this time.

  • The Winx fly to the sky to join Bloom*

Icy: I don't know how you do it Bloom, but you always push my buttons.

  • Icy shoots ice but Bloom stops it with a shield. Bloom and Icy fly to somewhere else.*

Darcy: What in the...?
Riven: Where in the world did you and Bloom go?
Sky: Well we parked the Unsure word in the dark forest and we went for a little walk.
Riven: So how did it go?

  • Riven and Sky cut the Army of Darkness*

Sky: Well we wanted to be alone and believe me we were. Magix is a total ghost town, Riven.
Riven: The Trix Unsure words themselves this time.
Sky: Yeah. I think Bloom is just about had it with them.
Brandon: Hey guys. Just thought of give you a hand.

Scene: Lake Roccaluce

Bloom: Seems your ace is a bit off.

  • Bloom stops Icy's icicles with her power*

Scene: Alfea

Flora: Flower Twister!
Musa: Let's add a tone of music to this.

  • Musa uses her power*

Stormy: Alright! That's enough!
Faragonda: The strength of these creatures is linked to the Trix's power. As the witches' energy drops, so does the might of their army. Else, where is Bloom and Icy?

Scene: Lake Roccaluce

Icy: GRRR! That's enough! I've had it! I'm finished toying with you!

  • Icy freezes Bloom*

Scene: Alfea

Stormy: Leave it to me, sister. I'll cut them down the side.

  • Stormy creates a tornado*

Stella: Flora!!!

  • The Winx breaks the tornado*

Darcy: Huh whoa... Oh no...!!
Griffin: NOW!

  • The headmistresses create an object to capture the witches*

Scene: Lake Roccaluce

Icy: Try to break free from that, Miss Goodie Fairy!

  • Bloom breaks free with her power*

Icy: No! NOO!!!!

Scene: Alfea

  • The Army disappears*

Stella: Yes!
Saladin: I get the feeling that Bloom is behind all this.

  • Bloom appears with Icy, who is now defeated*

Stella: Unsure word. I thought I see Unsure words of you, Bloom.

  • Bloom and Sky kiss*

Scene: Magix

  • Magix's citizens are revived*

Scene: Alfea

Griffin: My students and I must return to Cloud Tower, Faragonda. There's a lot to do. It'll take a while for things to get back to normal.
Faragonda: What about the Trix?
Griffin: They seem to be waking up from a bad dream. They would resend mad by Unsure words for power.
Faragonda: The power of the Dragon belongs to Bloom. She alone can control it. Try to take it away from her is both crazy and dangerous.
Griffin: I can assure you they will be punished for their crimes. They will be sent to Lake Roccaluce forever treat of purification.
Saladin: Good news from Magix: life is returning back to normal.
Faragonda: Oh well, that's great!
Sky: Go on, Knut!
Bloom: Sooner or later you'll have to ask her.
Stella: Excuse us. Knut wants to ask you something.
Griffin: Go ahead, Knut. What is it?
Knut: Uhm... well... it's like because I think I'm kind of doing well here at Alfea and uhm... maybe I'd like to stay here... Uhm... maybe like i-if there's room... Y-yes, that would be nice...
Saladin: Knut, if I'm not mistaken, you're asking if you can stay here at Alfea?
Faragonda: What do you say, Griffin? Would you mind he staying in here instead of Cloud Tower?
Griffin: I have no objection whatsoever and I appreciate your consulting me on this matter.

  • Knut laughs and he becomes janitor at Alfea*

Musa: How's it going, Knut? Party's gonna start soon. Everything gotta be in tip-top shape. See you later. Hey you two, are you ready for tonight?
Mirta: Are you sure you don't want to say with me here?
Lucy: I'm sure. Cloud Tower is my home.
Mirta: I'm so glad I found a friend like Flora.
Lucy: Well, Unsure line not like you can change your mind.
Mirta: Oh, but I don't think I will.
Faragonda: Cheer up, girls. You're going back home.
Mirta: Goodbye, Lucy. I'll miss you...
Flora: Don't worry Mirta. You'll be okay. You'll see...
Mirta: I know. I just need some time.
Faragonda: I guess it's time for us to say goodbye.
Griffin: We put up a good fight, Faragonda. But now it's time for our schools to focus on their missions.
Faragonda: Uh huh.
Griffin: Come on girls. Hurry up. Cloud Tower awaits our return.

  • The witches return via a portal like the way they came to Alfea*

Griffin: And as far as Icy, Darcy and Stormy are concerned. They're heading to Lake Roccaluce for a purification retreat.
Stella: Byee!!
Pepe: Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama!

  • Pepe follows Icy*

Bloom: Come on Kiko. Don't be sad. Pepe wants to be with his mommy. You'd want to stay with me too, wouldn't you? Right?

  • Kiko nods*

Scene: Party

Faragonda: May I please have your attention? We gather here to celebrate the momentous event. Alfea has always been a school for fairies, and so, in honor of the great courage, loyalty and outstanding scared of collaboration show by some of you, especially the last few days, I decided to bring you the concept of modern fairy with a new word - "Winx"!

  • The crowd cheers*

Saladin: Think I should?
Faragonda: Well of course! Go ahead!

  • Saladin drinks his drink*

Bloom: May I propose the toast to Brandon and Stella?
Sky: Why? Did I miss something?
Brandon: Yeah. Toast for what?
Stella: What do you mean? It's a toast to celebrate the fact you are not a prince and that I don't mind one bit.
Flora: Something tells me that we will soon have another reason to raise our glasses. Right, Tecna?

  • Tecna giggles*

Bloom: Hey. The nymphs!

Scene: Wishing well

Sky: Bloom? Are you okay?
Bloom: I should be happy, huh?
Sky: Well, aren't you?
Bloom: I don't know. I keep thinking about my adoptive parents, my birth parents, my past and there's still so many things I don't get. No kidding...
Sky: Listen. Whatever you choose to do, I want you to know that you're not alone.

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