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Winx Club - Episode 120
Season One, Episode Twenty
Episode Information

Production Code120
Italian TitleLa scomparsa di Bloom (The Disappearance of Bloom)
Cinélume TitleMission to Domino
4Kids TitleSparks of Hope
Italian Air DateMarch 12, 2004
English Air DateOctober 30, 2004
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The Fall of Magix
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The Crown of Dreams
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Mission to Domino is the twentieth episode of the first season of Winx Club.


The Trix sends a hologram to Faragonda and Saladin, giving them a choice to surrender or face annihilation when the Trix will conquer the Magic Dimension. Faragonda and Saladin then discuss what to do. They finally decide to fight, with Red Fountain and Alfea joining forces.

After that, Faragonda calls the Winx and tells them that the Trix will attack the dimension. Faragonda also says that the Trix will do the same as their ancestors did, but this time with a power that makes them invisible: the Dragon Flame's power.

Faragonda tells Bloom to go to Domino, as she thinks there are some hope of getting clues on how to restore Bloom’s Dragon power.

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Major Events



Spells used

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Voice Cast


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  • Liza Jacqueline as Bloom
  • Caren Manuel as Stella, Darcy
  • Sebastian Arcelus as Timmy
  • Marc Thompson as Knut
  • Michael Alston Baley as Saladin
  • Kerry Williams as Flora
  • Rachael Lillis as Faragonda
  • Lisa Ortiz as Musa, Icy
  • Suzy Myers as Stormy
  • Dani Shaffel as Tecna
  • Frank Frankson as Brandon

Rai English

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Rai English


  • Clips from this episode, "Senoir Witches Go To Earth" and "The Army of Decay" were merged to create the sneak peek episode "Attack of the Senior Witches" in the 4Kids version.
  • Scenes from this episode, episodes 19, 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26 were used and redone in the special "The Battle for Magix".


  • In a scene, Tecna's Winx sleeves are gone.


"Everyone who survives, passes the semester."
- Saladin

"Look out, Sky! I mean Brandon. Behind you, Brandon!"
- Knut

"My Mama lives in the Orge Realm."
- Knut

"I've been wanting to pluck you since you were hatched."
- Darcy about Pepe

"If one candle is used to light another, the flame passes on, but the original fire still burns."
- Faragonda

"What's the matter, boys? A couple of girls too much for ya?"
- Darcy as Red Fountain is in chaos.

"My dad wanted me to be pre-med, but I had to insist on Heroics and Bravery."
- Red Fountain Student.



Winx Club Season 1 episode 20 05:00

Winx Club Season 1 episode 20 "Sparks of Hope" 4kids Part 1

Winx Club Season 1 episode 20 05:02

Winx Club Season 1 episode 20 "Sparks of Hope" 4kids Part 2

Winx Club Season 1 episode 20 05:00

Winx Club Season 1 episode 20 "Sparks of Hope" 4kids Part 3

Winx Club Season 1 episode 20 04:26

Winx Club Season 1 episode 20 "Sparks of Hope" 4kids Part 4

Rai English

Winx Club Season 1 Episode 20 19:17

Winx Club Season 1 Episode 20 "Mission to Domino" RAI English HD

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