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A pinch of Fairy Dust will do it!
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Winx Club - Episode 111
Season One, Episode Eleven
Episode Information

Production Code111
Italian TitleIl regno delle ninfee (The Reign of the Water Lilies)
Cinélume TitleThe Monster and the Willow
4Kids TitleJunior League
Italian Air DateFebruary 20, 2004
English Air DateAugust 28, 2004
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The Monster and the Willow is the eleventh episode of the first season of Winx Club.


Stella complains about Flora's flowers in her room, and Tecna yells at her after she is saved from one of her plants.

After being confronted about her plants, Flora leaves to Black Mud Swamp to study her plants where they won't bother anyone leading Bloom to scold them saying that even Flora shouldn't live in a swamp. The Winx then go along to Black Mud Swamp in search for the Cheerful Gladioulus. They then meet up with the Undines (Water Nymphs).

The Undines reveal that the monster of the Black Island threatens them daily. They say they can't leave because their survival depends on a plant called Xylith, which can only be found on that island. The Winx decided to help them by going to the island to find an Undine named Lusiz who disappeared sometime ago and fight the monster. There they find that a Red Willow tree growing on the island making all living creatures on the island fall asleep.

They find little Lusiz, who tells them that the monster was actually a turtle which is sleeping because of the Willow and is sleepwalking. The Undines take it for a monster when it will move its head in and out of his shell during its sleep. Bloom and Flora in combine efforts, remove the Red Willow. Flora uses her rapid growth formula which multiplies the Xylith leaves. The Undines are so grateful that they reward Flora a Cheerful Gladiolus.




  • The name of the episode is possibly a pun based on the name of Beauty and the Beast, a fairytale.
  • Neither the Trix, Specialists nor the faculty appear in this episode, making this episode the first episode that doesn't pertain to the story line of season one.
  • In the Rai version, when Flora put her hand over Stella's mouth to keep her quiet, Stella bit her.
    NekoSaviorAdded by NekoSavior
  • In the Rai version, Stella accidentally shoots a fish thinking it was the monster.
  • When Lusiz explains the Winx about the turtle, illustrations from a book can be seen, the letters written in that book are in the Tengwar script from The Lord of the Rings books, and these letters can also be seen in the Book of Destiny in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom.



Voice Cast

4Kids Voice Cast


"Okay, I'll keep my cool, but I'd would really like to know what kind of seeds they were." - Tecna

"Uh, they were, um, Triple S's." - Flora

"Triple S's?" -Tecna

"Saqueiuseprolaverouswithda!" - Flora

"WHAT?!" - Tecna

"I didn't think they would grow so fast, I swear to you, I had no idea!" - Flora "All right, Tecna, don't go bananas. Take a deep breath. Now, let's remain calm." - Tecna

"Flora's our friend you guys! So she made a couple of mistakes, that doesn't mean she should go live in a swamp!" - Bloom



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RAI English

Winx Club Season 1 Episode 11 "The Monster and The Willow" RAI English HD-0(19:48)
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