Winx Club Forever
Winx picnic 2
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Winx Club is the album soundtrack of the first season that contains fourteen tracks. This album is only in Italian.

Track Listing

N. Title Artist(s) Length
1 Nel segno di Winx (In a Sign of Winx) TBA TBA
2 Magic Winx TBA TBA

Oggi no (Not Today)

4 Magica Bloom TBA TBA
5 Sensazione (Feeling) TBA TBA
6 Winx combact TBA TBA
7 Le ragazze del Winx Club (The Girls of the Winx Club) TBA TBA
8 Onda magica (Magic Wave) TBA TBA
9 Mi manchi (I Miss You) TBA TBA
10 Scioglierò (Melt) TBA TBA
11 Nel segno delle Winx (Strumentale) (In a Sign of the Winx (Instrumental)) - TBA
12 Le ragazze del Winx Club (The Girls of the Winx Club (Instrumental)) - TBA
13 Magic Winx (Strumentale) - TBA
14 Under the Sign of Winx TBA TBA

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