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A pinch of Fairy Dust will do it!
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Winx Club: The Shadow Phoenix
Special Information
Italian TitleLa Fenice d'Ombra (The Phoenix of Shadow)
Nickelodeon TitleThe Shadow Phoenix
Italian Air DateDecember 12, 2011
English Air DateOctober 16, 2011
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The Princess' Ball

Winx Club: The Shadow Phoenix is the fourth Nickelodeon special of Winx Club and final one-hour special produced by Nickelodeon that premiered on October 16, 2011. It was based on Season 2. The original and the Nickelodeon versions have different type of appearances.


The Shadow Phoenix is trying to take over the Magic Dimension. He kidnaps Bloom and casts a spell on her to make her become evil so that he could use her powers to help him with his conquest. A new fairy friend, Aisha, is here to help fight the darkness. It is up to Aisha, the Winx Club and the Specialists to help save Bloom and the rest of the Magic Dimension.


  • There is a preview clip of what happened before this Special.
  • Bloom does not transform into Dark Bloom until the fourth segment.
  • In the original, there are 4 Codex pieces, yet for the special there is only one.
  • The Shadow Phoenix is never referred to as Darkar.
  • Darkar's teeth are more fang-like.
  • Charmix does not exist in the special, ironically, Gloomix, the opposite of Charmix, exists still, even in the special.
  • In the other version, Darkar makes fake Professor Avalon to capture Bloom, but in this version, Darkar disguises himself as Professor Avalon to capture her.
  • Nickelodeon uses Aisha in the special, and not Layla. 

Episode 01

  • The special starts with the Winx conversation with the Specialists while Aisha rescues the Pixies.
    • Bloom is wearing a different outfit.
  • The effects of the Pixies energy cage is altered. In the special, it is just like a jail cell that prevents the pixies from escaping. In the original, it causes black liquid to stick to their wings, preventing them from flying.
  • The fire in Darkar's eyes is altered.
    • In addition, in the original he is smiling when he speaks, now he is frowning.
  • The scene where Darkar is introduced is shortened.
  • The scene where Aisha escaped is shortened.
  • The energy ball used to re-capture the pixies is altered.
  • In the beginning when the Winx are sitting with the Specialists, there is not a party going on.
  • Goof: When Aisha is explaining why she fainted at Alfea, she says that Lockette and Glim helped her find the pixies. However, Lockette is a prisoner of Darkar and Glim is no where in sight.

Episode 02

  • This part starts with Aisha waking up in the infirmary.
  • Aisha's nightgown is purple, not eggshell like it is in the original version.
  • Darkar's Fortress is called The Castle of the Phoenix.
  • The Trix return in their second segment.
    • Darkar looked more menacing than he did in the original.
  • The Trix are given the Gloomix in Light Heaven in the original version, but now it is given to them in the Darkar's Castle.

Episode 03

  • Only the part where Faragonda has the Winx save the Pixies and Timmy dropping them off is used.
  • Bloom and Stella's expedition outfits are changed.
  • Brandon and Sky does not accompany Bloom, Stella, and Aisha in the special.

Episode 05

  • They jump to the part where Bloom and Stella face off against the Trix.
  • Lockette is now called the Pixie of Direction instead of the Pixie of Portals.
  • Amore is called the Pixie of Feelings instead of the Pixie of Love.
  • The bonding scene has a different background.
  • There is an additional scene where Darkar watches over Bloom.

Episode 07

  • The bonding scene has a different background.
  • The test is removed.

Episode 08

  • Helia's introduction is shortened.
  • The Ground-breaking ceremony at Red Fountain is altered.
  • The Trix are not in disguise.

Episode 09

  • Bloom is wearing different pajamas.
  • The scene when Stella is hungry is removed.

Episode 10

  • Only the scene when Bloom and Sky have a talk is used.

Episode 11

  • Palladium's lecture was is shortened.
  • The scene where Flora grows flowers for Helia is also used.
  • The cauldron used to cast the homesickness spell is glowing.
  • Tune is not wearing her referee outfit.
  • When the pixies wake up, their eyes are glowing for a second.

Episode 19

  • The Great Dragon is 3D animated.
  • The Smoke Monster has different effects.

Episode 20

  • The Gator Hounds are 3-D animated in this part.
  • The Pixies of the Codex are in the village.

Episode 23

  • Only the final segment is used.
  • The empowerment bubble effects are altered.

Episode 24

  • Since Stella and Brandon never go to Downland, there is no mention of Princess Amentia.
  • Avalon is Darkar in disguise.
  • Bloom is shackled in magic bonds and is standing instead of being strapped down, like in the original.
  • Bloom's transformation to Dark Bloom is altered. In the original, purple orbs begin to circle around Bloom and then Darkar casts darkness into Bloom's heart from his hand. Bloom screams, but in a few seconds calms down and looks tired. Darkar's eye shines and Bloom is now Dark Bloom. In the new one, Darkar releases and aura of darkness and Bloom becomes Dark Bloom after it touches her.

Episode 25

  • Bloom is there with Darkar and the Trix in her normal self.
  • Aisha has her own transformation sequence, complete with aquatic background.
  • Icy is less shocked after Darkar dismisses her.
  • Darkar does not turn Karborg into a monster.
  • The Opticeratops' eyes are glowing.

Episode 26

  • There is energy being released from the Opticeratops.
  • There is no portal puzzle.
  • All the Winx enter Relix at once.
  • Dark Bloom's dark aura is altered.
  • Lightning is added.
  • The Mega Trix does not appear.
    • The Trix are sent back to Lightrock Fortress.
  • Dark Bloom reverting back to normal Bloom is altered.
  • The Charmix Convergence effects are altered.
  • The "Prom" is shortened.
  • Bloom's dress has a pink flower like in the art instead of a lighter blue.
  • The Camera scene is altered.
  • Glim does not get dizzy from the flash.
  • They change the music at the end when they defeat Darkar.
  • Dark Bloom is wearing leggings in the Nickelodeon version, but she does not wear them in the original version.
  • There are supposed to be 4 parts of the Codex.
  • Instead of Mirta and Lucy like the original, Bloom pulls in Aisha in the picture.


Voice Cast


  • Dark Bloom was wearing tights in her redesign.
  • The scene when the Winx Club and the Specialists have holiday was removed.
  • Aisha's first appearance in the specials.
  • This special managed to cram the entire Season 2 into one hour.
  • The Winx' Charmix transformation was taken out of this special.
    • The original transformation was already called "Winx Charmix"
  • The other 3 Codex (Cloud Tower, Alfea, and Red Fountain) were taken out of this special. Pixie Village's Codex is the only Codex needed to open the Realm of Relix in this special.
  • Darkar is only mentioned as "The Shadow Phoenix".
  • Icy, Darcy and Stormy's conjoined form, Mega Trix, was taken out of this special and Darkar sends the Trix back to Light Rock before he and Dark Bloom go to Relix.
  • Professor Avalon is taken out of this special. Instead Darkar is disguised as the fake Professor Avalon.
  • Bloom is not tied down to a table, before transforming into Dark Bloom. Instead her hands and feet are bound together.
  • The 4 Pixies who protect their share of the Codex, do not have their alternate Codex pieces to travel into Relix. Instead, they chant a spell.
  • Brandon and Prince Sky did not go with Bloom, Stella and Aisha to Shadowhaunt.
  • Darkar's pet, Kerborg is taken out of this special.
  • Unlike the original, Darkar's plan to use the homesickness spell to follow the pixies worked without a hitch.
  • The episode featuring the Wrong Righters was removed.
  • The Halloween episode was removed.
  • Jared is never mentioned.
  • Stella is the only fairy whose fairy transformation was seen twice in the special. The rest of the Winx were seen transforming once.

Before and After

A picture comparison of the characters before and after the redesign:

Aisha (Nick)

Aisha, after

Aisha a.k.a. Layla (Rai)

Aisha, before


Aisha with the pixies, after

Winx club

Aisha (as Layla) with the pixies, before

Dark bloom nick

Dark Bloom reading the spell of Relix, after


Dark Bloom reading the spell of Relix, before


Dark Bloom, before


Dark Bloom, after

Darkar approaching

Lord Darkar, before


Lord Darkar, after

Darkar claws

Darkar, before

Darkar claws new

Darkar, after

Darkar angry

Angry Darkar, before

Darkar angry new

Angry Darkar, after

Darkar phoenix attack

Phoenix attack, before

Phoenix attack new

Phoenix attack, after


Flora bonds with Chatta, before


Flora bonds with Chatta, after


Bloom's explorers outfit, before

BloomAdventure (Nick)

Bloom's explorer outfit, after


Stella's explorer outfit, before

StellaAdventure (Nick)

Stella's Explorer Outfit, after

Musa and Tune (Rai)

Musa bonds with Tune, before


Musa bonds with Tune, after


Winx Club Special 4 The Shadow Phoenix46:20

Winx Club Special 4 The Shadow Phoenix

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