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Winx Club: Believix In You is a video game for the Nintendo DS developed by Rainbow S.r.l. and published by Namco Bandai Games.


In this game we encounter the Winx in the fourth season. The Winx come to Earth to find the last fairy and to make humans believe in magic so that they can earn their Believix. The Believix is the new transformation in the fourth season. They have three additional wings: Speedix (super speed), Zoomix (teleportation), and Tracix (visual aids). When a fairy earns her Believix, she gains the ability to make someone believe in magic. The villains in this season are the Wizards of the Black Circle, also known as the Fairy Hunters. They stole the magic from Earth, causing humans to stop believing in it. The Wizards need Roxy, the last fairy on Earth, who has the power of animals, to gain full power. But, from episode 8 onwards, their target switches to the White Circle, a magical ring in which the fairies from Earth were trapped. There are two other new transformations in the fourth season. First, there is Sophix, a nature-based power-up to Believix. The second is Lovix, a winter-based power-up to Believix.


In the new game, all the fairies have magical flying pets. Tecna has a chick named Chicko, Flora has a cat named Coco, Musa has a bear named Pepe, Layla has a bunny named Milly, Stella has a puppy named Ginger, and Bloom has a sheep named Belle. Players can have a pet also and get to work at the pet shop as a minigame. There is also a pet dance competition, making smoothies with Stella, fashion tips with Stella, pet food match ups with Flora and many others.

Videos and Pictures

Similar to the third season video game, Winx Club: Mission Enchantix, players will be able to watch the transformation of each fairy's Believix, small clips from the series, and pictures from the season.


Up to four players can participate in the minigames and trade clothes in the magical closet like Mission Enchantix. The players also get to chose who to play as in the story mode. The game came out in February 2010.


  • This game was never released in Canada.



Winx Club Believix in You - Trailer

Winx Club Believix in You - Trailer