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A Fairy Touch is the fifth episode of the first season of the web series Winx Avatar Story.


We have very special guests coming over today... so the Winx will have to get very busy!


Spells Used

  • Unnamed levitation spell



  • At the end of this episode, no date was given for the next episode.
  • In this episode, both Cinélume and Nickelodeon voices are used.
  • This episode is the first episode in the series where they showed the Winx transform.


Our boyfriends are coming over, Stella! And by this evening everything has to be spotless.
They'll be so impressed, they'll be speechless!
Magic Winx!
Are we ready girls?



Winx Friends 4ever - EPISODIO 5 Un tocco fatato01:14

Winx Friends 4ever - EPISODIO 5 Un tocco fatato


Winx Avatar Story 5 - A fairy touch01:09

Winx Avatar Story 5 - A fairy touch

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