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The Big Day is the fourth episode of the first season of the web series Winx Avatar Story.


Today is a big day at Winx's magical house... just wondering what Bloom and the others are planning!


Spells Used

  • Unnamed levitation spell
  • Unnamed color changing spell



  • At the end of this episode, no date was given for the next episode.
  • Unlike the previous three episodes, in this episode they use the Cinélume voices instead of the Nickelodeon's ones.
  • The English version aired 4 days later after the Italian version.


Good morning, Stella!
Good morning, girls!
Today is the big clean up day. Walls to clean, furniture to move, windows to wash.
I want a big red armchair in my room!
Actually, no, I think pink would be better.
Easy, Stella! First, you paint the room then you furnish it.



Winx Friends 4ever - EPISODIO 4 Il grande giorno01:20

Winx Friends 4ever - EPISODIO 4 Il grande giorno


Winx Avatar Story 4 - The big day01:15

Winx Avatar Story 4 - The big day

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