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Going Back Home is the first episode of the first season of the web series Winx Avatar Story.


In this first episode, Bloom goes back home but... what a mess! All the beautiful rooms are packed with our adored fairies' favorite furniture and accessories. Who is going to tidy everything up?


Spells Used

  • Unnamed levitation spell



  • Everything the Winx say is taken from episodes of the Winx Club main animated series.
  • Stella did not appear in this episode.


This place is getting way too crowded.
I think it's so cozy and personalized.
More like cozy and chaotic.



Winx Friends 4ever - EPISODIO 1 Ritorno a casa01:10

Winx Friends 4ever - EPISODIO 1 Ritorno a casa


Winx Avatar Story 1 - Going back home01:05

Winx Avatar Story 1 - Going back home

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