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Winx Avatar Story
Winx Avatar Story is a web series based on Winx Club. The decors are all in 2D using Cobi's playsets style and the characters are Cobi's 3D figurines. The series premiered on April 3rd, 2015 on Winx Club's official YouTube channels.


The Winx Avatars materialized in 3D characters and welcome you in their magical house!


  1. Going Back Home
  2. Stella's Fashion Boutique
  3. Beginning of the Year Cleaning
  4. The Big Day
  5. A Fairy Touch
  6. Magic Colors


  • The Italian name of the web series is "Winx Friends 4ever".
  • The Winx's outfit are based on the Gardenia outfit that Stella created in Season 6 and they now come with wings.
  • This is the first web series to be released.
  • Each episode is less than two minutes.
  • So far, it only has six episodes.


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