The Winx, or the Winx Club, are a group of six super powerful fairies that serve as the primary protagonists of Winx Club, its spin-off, World of Winx, and are the faces of both franchises. Originally a group of five, the girls start out as fledgling fairies attending the Alfea College for Fairies and eventually grow to become the protectors of their various homeworlds and the Magic Dimension as a whole.


Initially, the Winx Club was a group of five fairies trying to get through their rigorous school year at Alfea, a prestigious school for fairies. Each with their own aspirations and goals, the girls of the Winx Club sought out to make their school years memorable by braving through hardships and experiencing new things all while sticking by each other as best friends.

During their first school year, the girls formed a serious rivalry with a trio of senior witches who called themselves the Trix as they were constantly after Stella's magic ring and would do anything to get their hands on it. This eventually led to the girls uncovering the Trix's true motives as well as the source of Bloom's mysterious fire powers and past. Once the Trix caused a full-on war to break out in their conquest for Magix, the Winx ended up becoming key players in the resistance against them and it was this battle that led the five girls down their current path of interdimensional heroism.

By their second year, the Winx Club grows from five to six when they aid and befriend Aisha (Layla), the Princess of Andros, and bond with her Pixie friends. The group of six go on to take down major threats to the Magic Dimension much bigger than the Trix such as Lord Darkar and Valtor, all while helping Bloom uncover more of her past and gain better control of her immense powers over the Dragon's Flame. Their exploits lead them to be recognized as Protectors of the Magic Dimension and the most powerful fairies within it. They also gain many powerful allies along the way and remain fairly humble; refusing to let their fame get to their heads (for the most part).

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Winx Club

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  • Both Stella and Aisha are the oldest in the group while Tecna is the youngest.
  • Currently Aisha and Flora are the only members of the Winx that have not been turned evil.
  • Half of the Winx are members of royalty, though, this is raised to sixty-percent in both the comics and the 4Kids dub of the show. In Winx on Ice: The Novel of the Show, it is implied that all the Winx fairies are princesses.
    • For most of the older comic issues, Tecna is made the princess of her home realm. This is later changed in Issue 90 when she inexplicably loses her royal status to match her original TV series counterpart.
    • In the 4Kids dub, Musa is made the Princess of the Harmonic Nebula (Melody). Following the debut of the realm's true princess, Galatea, in Season 3, it is revealed that Musa's father, Ho-Boe gave up his royal status as prince to be with Matlin. Even following this logic, Musa could not officially be considered a princess because once Ho-Boe gave up his royal status, his descendants would not be seen as part of the royal family.
    • Taking Roxy into account during her short time as an officially recognized Winx Club member in the comics, four out of seven of the Winx girls would be princesses.
  • Roxy's status as an official member of the Winx Club was not made clear until Season 5, where she played little to no part in the overall plot and barely interacted with the Winx.
    • In many of her early appearances in the Winx Club Comic Series—specifically, her debut issueBloom states that she is, in fact, a member of the Club. Despite this though, Roxy makes little to no appearances once the comics begin to take place during and after the events of Season 5.
  • Coincidentally, majority of the English dubs shares the same voice actress for both a Winx and a Trix member.
    • In the 4Kids dub:
      • Caren Manuel voices Stella and Darcy.
      • Lisa Ortiz voices Musa and Icy.
    • In the Cinélume dub:
      • Both Sarah McCullough and Anik Matern voice Musa and Stormy.
    • In the Dubbing Brothers dub:
      • Becca Ordonez-Zagorin voices Stella and Darcy (in Movie 3).
    • In the DuArt dub:
      • Haven Paschall voices Bloom and Darcy.
      • Saskia Maarleveld voices Tecna and Stormy.
  • In World of Winx, Musa and Flora are the only Winx members whose Nemeses are made to exploit the weaknesses of their respective powers rather than their personal or emotional weaknesses.
  • According to Zarathustra:
    • Bloom is Tecna’s worst match.
    • Flora is Aisha’s worst match.
    • Stella is Musa’s worst match.

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