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Winx, or Charmix in the Nickelodeon specials, is the basic Fairy Form for those who attend Alfea. It is the main transformation of Season 1 and Season 2, and is used in Season 3.

  • Previous Transformation: None
  • Next Transformation: Charmix


The word “Winx” has two completely different concepts and meanings in the series, depending on the dub. Winx is also the unofficial name for the Season 1's transformation. The word Winx is original the word "wings" or "wing" with "gs/g" replaced with an "x". It is one of the trademarks of this series.



All Winx Outfit

The color scheme is often extremely simplistic with usually two-or-three-color color schemes. The wings are very plain and small in comparison to later fairy forms. The clothing is very simple with a combination of mini skirts, shorts, tops and dresses. For accessories, there are gloves or chokers; or in Musa and Bloom's case, a yellow tiara and purple head phones; or in Tecna's case a hat/helmet; in Stella's case, a headband. Unlike the later fairy forms, the hair in Winx form barely changes, except for Stella, whose hair is styled into pigtails instead of just hanging down her back. Shoes are often in some form of heeled boots.

Later in the series, the Winx form is revealed can be turned into dark/evil if it is affected by dark power, like Bloom's Winx is affected by Darkar's dark magic and changes, as the outfits becomes darker, the accessory turns from round shape into diamond shape, the tiara becomes sharper and is silver instead of gold, and the wings also have sharper points.

Diversities between Versions


In the Cinélume dub, it is simply the name of the Winx Club created by Bloom. By the end of season one, however, Faragonda adds the word to the vocabulary of the Fairies and of the Magic Dimension to make it become the definition of a Modern Fairy.


The word Winx has a much more significant meaning and role in the 4Kids dub. Winx is a form of magical energy and magical concept for fairies. Basically, it is a fairy's magical power. A fairy draws their Winx from their magical source of power, e.g. Flora draws her Winx from flowers and plants, and Musa draws her Winx from music (as shown in "Magic In My Heart", when she draws a large amount of power from everyone singing).


In the Nickelodeon dub, the transformation is renamed as "Charmix" and the transformation sequences for each fairy are reanimated. However, when Nickelodeon aired Season 3 of Winx Club, the transformation returned to Cinélume's Magic Winx.

Known Winx Fairies





  • Aisha is the only one not to make an “X” with her fingers in the original transformation sequence.
  • In the original transformation, Bloom and Aisha's backgrounds are the same.
  • Flora’s pose in the Nickelodeon specials is identical to that of her Believix.

Transformation Sequences

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