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The Wind Riders are the hover bikes that the Specialists use for short distance travel and sport. The Winx have also been seen riding them in a few episodes. Later, the Paladins are seen using them, too.


Normal Wind Rider

Its body is crimson red in color with blue windshields. The seat padding is in a darker shade of red than the vehicle itself.

Special Wind Rider

In the Specials, they are a bright red. The windshields are now white instead of blue. The seat cushions are blue and the headlights are circular as opposed to their triangular shape in the series.

Paladins' Wind Rider

In appearance, it is just like the Specialists Wind Rider, except that its color is blue. Its head lights are triangle in shape and yellow in color. They have a red stripe on either sides of their wind rider.


The Wind Riders were first introduced in Friends in Need. They appeared again in A Friendship Sundered.

In Rescue Mission, they were used by the Specialists to take Aisha, Stella and Bloom onto the Owl as they headed to Darkar's lair.

In At the Last Moment, The Winx trained on the Wind Riders in order to sneak into Solaria's castle as flying hover cyclists.

In Trix Tricks, at the Annual Wind Riders Competition, the Specialists are seen riding the Wind Riders through many obstacles.

The Specialists were at Linphea College when the Treants began to attack the school. They used them to get around and defend the college and to save the Winx when they were plummeting to the ground after being teleported out of Cloud Tower by Selina.

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