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The Wind Riders are vehicles that debut in Season 1.


Wind Riders are hover bikes that the Specialists use for short distance travel and sport. The Winx have also been seen riding them in a few episodes. The Paladins are seen using them, too. Wind Riders can also be shrinken. They are dubbed "Mini Wind Riders".


Its body is crimson red in color with blue windshields. The seat padding is in a darker shade of red than the vehicle itself.

In the Specials, they are a bright red. The windshields are now white instead of blue. The seat cushions are blue and the headlights are circular as opposed to their triangular shape in the series.

In appearance, it is just like the Specialists Wind Rider, except that its color is blue. Its head lights are triangle in shape and yellow in color. They have a red stripe on either sides of their wind rider.





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